Wednesday, December 06, 2006

No, You Are Weirder Than Me

The Swampwitch tagged me several days ago to do the “Six Weird Things About Me” meme.

Here are the Rules: Each player of this game lists six (6) weird things about themselves by creating a post on their blog. Pictures may be used for documentation. On the post, state these rules and then tag six (6) other people by listing their names on your post. Leave a comment at their place that says, "You have been tagged. Please go to my blog for further instructions."

I racked my brains for this one. Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you I am not very weird. I like to play along, though, so here goes:

I always sit with a wall to my back. In restaurants, I make sure I am seated at the back of a table; in classrooms, I sit at the back of the room or at the very far side by a wall; I had my office at work setup so that no one could walk in to my back or side.

I like to own flashy, fun things, such as boas in bright pink or shiny beaded purses, red shoes, feathered fans, etc., but I would never wear them in public, unless it is Halloween or at a Renaissance Faire. At both of these events, I can go quite over the top. In everyday life, though, I dress very conservatively.

My most favorite song in the entire world ever is Amazing Graze played on bagpipes.

I usually read the Harry Potter books twice a year and the movies are often background noise for when I am doing something else or if I have a hard time falling asleep. Harry Potter relaxes me like nothing else; calms my mind; stops the chatter.

Mr. Gilbert lives in my house; I should say he exists in my house. Mr. Gilbert is a ghost. He died in the kitchen. He doesn’t bother us much. He seems to like what we’ve done to the place. He flashes a light occasionally around the spot where he was found in the kitchen. My husband says he just wants a beer.

I project astrally. When I’m asleep I take trips all over the world and out into the universe. I even saw Uranus once. I have done astral projection while I was meditating. It’s kind of like when Casper the Friendly Ghost flies around above the clouds and then comes down to hover over a new friend. People scream when they see me, too.

I never tag other people when I do these, but if you decide to do the meme, let me know, so I can see that you are weirder than me.


  1. I am NOT weird, dammit!
    I'm not, stop looking at me like that!

    You on the other hand, whew
    I likes ya, ya freak

  2. and I mean to call you a freak in the nicest possible way,
    its a term of endearment really

  3. Nessa, can you come visit me when you're projecting the next time? Tell me first though, so I can make myself decent.

  4. I envy people with "weird' components to their psyches. Lucky guys.

    I'm so bland. Even when I go 'over the top' I'm bland. Thank goodness bland has fans.

  5. You know, GN, you started out not very good at this (nothing weird about boas, and everybody knows Amazing Grace on Bagpipes is da bomb), but Congratulations! You finished with a real weirdness flourish.

    Project astrally, huh? OK, everybody, no more sleeping naked under skylights. (Oh, wait, you meant you saw the Planet?)

  6. She's a very freaky girrrl. Well, you're not that weird. I mean we're all a bit weird which I say is good.

    On the back to the wall thing - are you a cop perchance?

  7. I also have found the Harry Potter movies relaxing.

  8. Well done, Nessa. You went from perfectly normal to highly unusual in less than 6 steps.

  9. Hey Nessa...thanks for playing along. When you started out, I related to the sitting with your back against the wall, the flashy glittery things, leaving the movie on for background, but I don't think I have a ghost and I don't know about projecting astrally.

  10. Oh yes, and the Amazing Grace on bagpipes. That is the first song we play when we go to the lake. It's a tradition. Have you heard Walela? Amazing Grace is sung in Cherokee with bagpipes in the background. (Rita Coolidge)

  11. I ALWAYS sit with my back to a wall... everywhere. My husband, former marine, was trained to do the same. It's always fun to watch us jockey for the same chair at restaurants. ;-)

  12. Nessa, I do the astral projection thing in my sleep too. I bet we hang out and stuff.

  13. Damn, I wanted to make a Uranus joke but everyone else beat me to it!

  14. Logo: I’ll live with being called a (nice) freak, since it’s coming from you; D

    Jenn: Maybe I’ll come see you this weekend. I’ll let you know. We can have some of your luscious chocolate cake.

    Libragirl: You’re not very far away from me. I can visit you while I’m napping. I was a five year old boy in another life.

    BB: Blandness is the greatest weirdo’s disguise. You can’t fool me.

    Al: It’s already too late. I’m an astral peeping Tomasina. (Is there an astral police?)

    G: Nah, not a policey man. Just a form of self preservation I learned as a child (which isn’t as much fun as Uransus jokes.) And the new HP movie is due out in July 2007 and I am just starting to re-read book six.

    Charlene: Like the name game, but I have no relation to that guy.

    Swampy: Ghosts and AP aren’t really much use for anything, so no biggy. And I would like to hear that. I like AI music too. Can I find it on line?

    DCMM: No one else in my family does this and most people like to get in and out easily so I usually get to sit where I want.

    Grunty: I bet we do. There’s this guy I see and he kind of reminds me of you. Maybe it is you. I’ll check next time.

    Pamela: I WAS talking about the planet! I mean really!

    Mr. Fab: That’s right. Just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean people aren’t out to get you.

    CK: You snooze, you lose. Oh. Wait, you don’t lose, you project.

  15. I can't say I am weird although alot of what you describe of your weirdness is my range of normalcy! lol Sorry I can't take on this challenge but I wanted to take note of it. Have a weird and wonderful day1

  16. I'm sure astrally projecting to see Uranus is quite the experience, I just hope you didn't also glance at mine! ;)

  17. Maybe let's just say that we're wierd in different ways.

  18. Pauline: We're all weird in some way aren't we. You have a good one too.

    Anita: I held my hand over my eyes (with fingers spread.)

    PTB: Weird variety is good too. Choices, got to have choices.

  19. Astral projection to see Uranus...I'm sorry, I can't stop laughing. I have such a dirty mind.

    Seriously, are there dangers to travelling astrally, like running into something not-so-nice?

  20. I would imagine you can find it husband bought the CD for me for my birthday one year. I'll check it out.

  21. Nessa -- yes, I am Charlene -- blogger did that to my every post that day. I don't know why (though that is my name). It certainly wasn't my doing. Quilldancer sounds so much more exotic!

  22. You aren't weird, you are vastly interesting, and an adventurer on all planes.

  23. I read it here first, GN, then got "tagged" for it by Minka.

    You have no idea how weird you are until somebody forces you to take an inventory...

  24. hey nessa. loooong time!

    nice read. and cindra's right. you're not weird, but interesting, which is far better!

    altough i can never quite get use the "mr. gilbert the ghost" part...

  25. Great answer nessa still chuckling!

  26. The Phoenix: I don’t understand why people are giggling over my visit to Uranus; D I run into a few “different” creatures and once I lost control and began falling and thought I’d die. They say the biggest danger is if you become so entranced with being away from your body you lose your connection completely and then someone else moves in.

    Swampy: I will look for it. I think I’d like it.

    Quilly: Blogger does weird things sometimes. Maybe we should do six weird things about Blogger. Quilldancer fits you perfectly, but so does Charlene, which is a very pretty name.

    Cindra: You always say the sweetest thing.

    Al: Your answers are quite interesting. Yes, and it’s a good thing we didn’t have to list ALL of the weird things, huh?

    Pink: Are you back? Have you written? I must go see your site. He’s a very quiet ghost really. He only gives me the willies occasionally.

    Tina: Glad I could make a very funny lady, chuckle.

  27. ahhh, i wanna join in!

    i take great pride in telling people on a daily basis that im weird; but i just cant define how :(
    just as teh idioy=t bullies couldnt at schooleither i guess. difference is; im now happy because im weird; as my fave saying goes; "it more fun than being sane" ^^

    hope youre well nessy ;)

  28. Chocoholic Girl: Well, I tag you then. Let me see six weird things about you.

    I am well and hope you are, too.

  29. ASTRAL TRAVEL?? Does that mean you're peeking into windows and skylights and such??? LOL
    Love your me-me...have a drink with Mr. Gilbert some time :)

  30. Dabich: Shhh, don't tell anyone. I'll tell Mr. Gilbert you said Hi.

  31. i sit with my back to the wall too!

    but it's so nobody can shoot me from behind. i'd be screwed if there was a fire though.

  32. 6???

    arrgh :(

    heres one; i dont know, but i just know i am?

    will have to get back to you ;)

  33. Crystal: I never thought about fires. Now what am I going to do?

    CECCG: I'll be looking. Once you start thinking about it, it gets hard to decide on 6 you want to tell.