Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christmas Card Design 2006

I put a picture here. I can't see it now, Blogger is acting up again and it's after nine and I have to get up at four thirty and I'm getting really annoyed, so I'm going away from here for now and seeing what you wrote. If you can see it, well, bully, I say, just bully.

May the Words of the Season be with
You and Your Family through the Holidays and into the New Year,
with All of Our Love!

This is my Christmas card for this year. I make my cards each year, with varying success. If I ever find them in my files, I'll scan some of the ones from years gone by. This card was made on my computer using my cool new pen.

There are some pictures of a Santa I made for my mother several years ago. It was originally in white, but he didn't stand out enough for her livingroom, so he got changed into his red outfit.

And more Global Warming trees. Did you know that temperatures in New Jersey were five degrees warmer in 1971?


  1. So creative. I am so impressed with people who can do this.

  2. Speaking of New Jersey in 1971, I was there! I was working for the Asbury Park Press and living on Ocean Blvd., above a Mafia member. It was a VERY peaceful neighborhood. He never shot anyone after ten p.m.

  3. How do you print the photos? Or do you hand make each one? I knew a lady who did that, it took her the better part of December to finish them all, I couldn't even imagine.

  4. Nerry Christmas. You make your cards, I'm lucky if I even get mine bought ...

  5. I can see it--it's highly nifty!

  6. Great card, Nessa.

    Five degrees warmer in 1971, eh? I vaguely remember my grandmother telling me something about that.

  7. Blogger won't let me comment so are trying this way

    love the card

  8. Yippee it worked been trying for days

  9. Beautiful picture.

    I have to ask, although it may be a "cow tools" type of question.

    What's it supposed to be?

  10. Nessa, I hate to nag and hate more to be OT but I've been trying to email...

  11. That's cool, Nessa. How industrious to make your own cards. I'm not artistic enough to please myself, so it would be a frustrating exercise.

  12. Sure, but degrees were easier to come by back then.

    Is that a turtleneck?

  13. I tried 5 times to comment this morning without success, but I'm a persistent little bugger, so I'm back again, unfortunately I've forgotten what I was going to say!

  14. Swampwitch: Thanks.

    BB: New Jersey and the mob: that’s on our license plates.

    SNTC: Sometimes I make each one, but this year I have some new computer toys. These are printed on white labels. The color came out best that way and they go through the printer easier than cardstock. Then I stick it on the plain cards. I’m going to try playing more with it. I was pleased with the label idea.

    The Phoenix: Thanks.

    Quilly: I can be compulsive when I get the urge.

    Serra: Yeah, it came back. Thanks. And I took care of business.

    Al: Thanks, Mr. Smartypants.

    Tina: Thanks. Blogger has been a booger lately. They must be making lots of changes. Thanks for persevering.

    Jenn: Thank you. It is a very stylized angel. I wanted to do a stained glass kind of thing but I don’t know how to use Corel yet so multicolors looked really bad.

    Serra: Got. You should have a response by now.

    Kat: Thanks. There are all kinds of different things you can do with a scanner and stuff.

    Diesel: You are just nuts.

    Bazza: You and your wife are troopers to keep trying. Thanks.

  15. sweet! you are full of wonderful surprises...i expect some bartering in the new year.

  16. I can see the card right now. It's very nice. Wow! You make your own cards? I can't even bring myself to purchase and then write out my own cards.

    Good for you! You are very talented!

  17. I love the drawing, Nessa. I have figured out how to leave comments on Beta Blogger now, but no avatar, sorry.

  18. Cindra: Thanks. I will do my be to participate in the new year.

    Dan: That’s because I don’t dust. Thanks.

    Grunty: What’s weird about this is I have not switched this particular blog over yet. Maybe that’s the problem.

  19. Hey! I left a comment here yesterday and now it's gone. That Blogger. :(

    That is a great card. I love the creativity and the messages. And now I can recognize your logo in it too.

  20. Sar: That Blogger is a real booger sometimes.

    Thanks. i have fun doing them.

  21. I could SWEAR that I commented on this! I know I read it and who knows? Crazy week for me.

    But I stand by my original thought I left comment - very nice and modernish and I love it!

  22. Oh and lest I forget, is that pen what you use to directly computer generate the card and your new logo? It is beyond cool and I would love to know more about it.