Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Help Me!

I posted my Wordless Wednesday at Wings Unfolding.

Now after looking, please come back here and tell me what kind of camera I should get that will help me make better pictures. I shake, I like to do close ups and I am a lousy photographer. So, what should I get? (And, "someone else to take the pictures," would not be a funny comment.)


  1. Maybe I don't know what I'm talking about (whee, surprise, me talking out my butt), but I think you took some good ones. I wanna play in that yard.

  2. the pictures are lovely :)

    there are various comeras on the market with "anti-shake" features, i think olympus has a few (i have an olympus - i like the interface for changeing things like apparture and speed)
    other options are ones with a "sport" setting as they tend to speed up the shutter speed, but this can make the pictures grainy - colours over saturated and whites bleached out...

    a tripod for set up photos is always a good investment (i need one!) neck straps are good, as cindra jo said. also doing simple things changing the way you stand and hold the camera helps - crouch or sit down to take low shots and use both hands - you'd be amased at how much one hand shakes... if your camera has a viewfinder using that (so the camera is held into the body) helps.

    good luck ;)

    photographer (now ex-)boyfriends are so useful! ^^;

  3. forgot to mention - one with a good macro mode would also be good for you

    if you have no idea what im onabout; macro is taking really close pictures - the lens literally a few inches away from the subject - macro modes allow the camera to focus clearly...


  4. Nessa, I think your pictures are don't need anyone else to take them! But I DO think that "someone else to take the pictures" is a really funny comment!! LOL

  5. If you are going to shop for a digital camera there are some great articles on the web about what to look for and how to shop for them. I researched long and hard before I found one that really scored off the charts.

    Unfortunately the one area it did score low on was 'the shakes', else I'd recommend it! Definately go for the tripod advice or just remember to lean up against something to give you that extra bit of steady.

  6. My advice would be worth exactly what you paid for it, so I'm keeping my mouth shut. I am not a great photographer.

  7. If you looking for digital cameras then first preference would be a Sony (6-8 megapixels), then an HP (yes those are amazing cameras). I have an HP Photosmart (5 megapixels) which I bought for about $300 in early 2004. Its an awesome camera and just perfect for everyday photography! If you are looking for film cameras then a Pentax or a Nikon would be great. Check out this for some great reviews and buying guides!

  8. not got a lot of knowledge on the subject Bazza would know better will let him know your problem and ask his advice.

  9. I'm with Quilly, I don't know much about cameras so I'm keepin my mouth shut...
    Great pics tho!

  10. I've looked at your photos and think they're fine. It's difficult to give advice not knowing how much you're planning on spending. I use a very old Kodak DX4530 which is 5 Mps and it does me fine.

  11. I know nothing about cameras but I do know that Ree (Confessions of a Pioneer Woman) has some extraordinary photos that she takes with a macro lens. Go take a look at some of her work.

  12. Get a Consumer Report this month, they have cameras they rcmmend. . All my pictureds are usually blurry but now we have a digital. si I can delete all the bad ones and print out the good ones.

  13. I don't get those disposable cameras. I bought one, took some pictures and then threw it away, but, how do I get my pictures?

  14. Digital photography review (on line) was recommended to me by a clerk in a photo store. I would suggest looking at this site. I found it informative and I am not knowelable about digital cameras. Before you purchase anything think about how you want to use the camera.
    Stop being overly critical of yourself, the pictures I just looked at are fine!Do you want to enjoy yourself, or are you striving to sell the pic's? Or is this an outlet for your away from work time? These ?'s will help you find the perfect camera. Happy shopping.

  15. I could be wrong here, but if you like doing close ups, shouldn't you be a little closer up?

    Just sayin'.

  16. Beats me. Nice decorations, though.

  17. Ahhhhh, cameras.

    Since I know nothing about them, I thought I would leave you with a vague comment that sounds like appreciation..but means nothing at all.

  18. any digital camera with the "delete" function is good in my books.

  19. ooh, cameras, I know nothing, but I like them.
    Get one that takes pictures when you push the little button and is really really easy
    see how helpful I am?!

  20. Anyone with image stabilization can take stuff in focus; I think you should intentionally shake the camera to add those nifty superhero motion lines (BAP! ZOOM!)

  21. Serra: Sorry, didn’t hear what you said; D

    Mr. Fab: Can I squirt it at you? That would be funny, right?

    Cindra Jo: I thought of a tripod, but never of a shoulder strap. Thanks.

    CECCG: I do always use only one hand. I’ll try that, too. I will check out macro mode, too. Thanks.

    Jackie: Thanks.

    Comrade Kevin: I will also try leaning on something.

    Quilly: k

    Grey: Thanks for all of the ideas.

    Tina: Thanks. Bazza takes excellent pictures.

    Dabich: Thanks. For the compliment, not keeping your mouth shut; D

    Bazza: Thanks. You take excellent pictures.

    Swampwitch: Thanks, I will go look.

    Lori: I love digitals for the same reason. I take about 4 times more pictures than I keep. Love that delete button.

    Tom: You silly.

    Pauline: Thanks for all of the advice and good questions.

    Jay: I should have thought of that. Thanks.

    Grunty: Thanks.

    Jenn: You sound very astute.

    Guggs: I like to wait to delete until I download them to my laptop and I can see, in full screen, how yucky they are. (Plus I can’t see the tiny button on the camera.)

    Logo: That’s great advice.

    Fury: I’m going to do that on the next set I take, just for you. I’ll let you know when my masterpiece is done.

  22. Just checking in, hadn't seen you fluttering around lately. Now I know why. You are in search of a shakeless camera. I don't have a clue what kind of advice to give you. I still use the kind that shoots the picture out the bottom. Well, almost.

  23. Nessa? Are you okay? Where you is?

  24. If you are adept at 35mm but have troubles with the new "point and shoot" aspect of digital...there are some nice SLR digitals now for decent prices. I had a lot of Olympus digital point and shoots. I now shoot with a Nikoln D50. It's been a good camera. I need more lenses though.

  25. hope all's ok not heard from you in a while!

  26. Swampwitch: Thanks for checking on me. I haven’t been around. We’ve had relatives in from Europe. They are back home now and things are getting back to normal. I tried getting on yesterday and Blogger was busy.

    Quilly: I haven’t even had a chance to look, yet.

    Cindra: Hi. I’m back. I got my prize. Thanks, they are cool.

    HCG: I try not to use film. Costs too much. With digitals, if I take a hundred pictures I get at least ten good ones.

    Tina: Thanks for checking. All is ok, just family busy.

    Grunty: I miss you, too.

  27. Ohhh cameras!! I love cameras lol. I recommend anything nikon and nothing Sony. Everything we have Sony has gone out on us including a 32" tv, video camer, vcr, dvd 6 disc player, AND our digital camera. I am very anti-sony. ;)

  28. Jamie: You take gorgeous pictures, so I will certaining take your advice into consideration.