Monday, October 09, 2006


I don’t like confrontation. I will go to great lengths to avoid it. I will do my best to work things out or walk away. I avoid great passionate debates where people call each other names or have too much of themselves invested in the discussion. I don’t discuss politics, religion or sex with anyone who can’t stay calm. I think most problems can be worked out if all parties are willing. I am all about solutions of a compromising nature. But if you get in my face, I will kick your ass.

I have gone toe to toe with huge, drug crazed men and I have looked down the barrel of a hand gun carried by a mama who thought I was after her skanky man. I have gotten in the middle of domestic fista cuffs in parking lots late at night out side of bars and I have blocked a drunken nut from bangin’ on another soused individual who were fighting over a toothless nag. I have screamed down the throats of bitchy soccer moms and broken the nose of a boy who jumped on my back when I was sixteen.

So, if you are not interested in tea and scones, leave me alone.


  1. Was this surposed to make me laugh? I did! By any chance is your birthday sigh Scorpio, this description sounds like people I know!They hang off the family tree and teach me valuable lessons.

  2. Pauline: Yes, I wanted you to laugh. Glad you did. I'm a Libra. We are the Scorpion forerunners. I am confrontational on the spur of the moment and when I feel an injustice.

    Cindra Jo: I had to have a confrontation this morning at work that I was gearing myself up for just in case. Thankfully all was calmness.

  3. Well, I know I want you on my side!

  4. Oooh, are the scones homemade?

  5. T-t-t-t-tea, p-p-pl-ple-ease. D-d-don-on't b-bother w-w-ith the s-s-ug-gar. Ah-I'll j-just d-d-drink it o-over here in the, the, uh, c-cor-ner. A-he.

  6. faster pussey-cat kill kill ;)

    i agree, but then i cant stand those who shy away form ANY kind of confrontation; those who conform, even against themselves to avoid disagreement...

  7. and why are teh word verifications always longer when im logged in?

    oh. and do i get scones?

    please? ^^

  8. Count me in for the peaceful stuff. I am the same way. People think I am docile, but it is only that way because I hate fighting. I fight well, but I don't see the point. Like you, don't get in my face. You get one punch. One.

  9. Mine's tea and scones any day!maybe with a bit of jam and cream though it's not complete without them!

  10. Mr. Fab: *blushing*

    Jay: I got your back.

    Serra: Yes, my mommy taught me how to make them.

    Quilly: You can have sugar. I’m sweet, really; D

    CECCG: It’s a fine line I walk. Yes, there are lots of scones to go around.

    Grunty: Yup. I actually feel ashamed of myself when I lose control.

    Tina: Yum. I’m hungry now.

  11. I'm not saying this to be confrontational, but I HATE confrontations! If you try to confront me, I'll disappear faster than the national debt during a Bush administration...

    Mixed messages... The essence of being human.

  12. Bert: I love reading between the lines. I love mixed messages. Sometimes I make them up when they are not even there ("a Bush administration.")

  13. I like your tea and scones idea.

  14. My son is a Libra. We have learned to test the waters before wading too deeply. He is very intelligent but strong in his opinions. I fall under the Leo status. How scary when I do roar!Generally a quiet individual a bit timid, my roar tends to frighten even
    Thanks for sharing

  15. Guggs: Thanks. i thinking of bringing back the Monarchy, too.

    Pauline: I don't know what you mean about strong opinions; D My husband is a Leo. He roars quite loudly, too, but a little scratch behind the ears and he's a regular pussycat. He and my Virgo daughter have some interesting times, though (earth Virgo damps fire-Leo.)

  16. I knew there was something I liked about you, goldennib! LOL I could have written this post. Cindra use to tell me that I was going to get shot some day!
    Really hate confrontation - but do what needs to be done. As I tell people who think I'm a softie...I am! But @*#@ with me and I'll bury you! Thanks for the laugh!

  17. Tea and scones are my favorite things of all time. Why Tea Time didn't carry on in the states is beyond me. I keep trying to implement it at work, but the crazies roll their eyes at me and tell me to get back to work. :-(

    Oh... and I got your back. I'm the exact same way.

  18. Jackie: I respond almost by instinct in emergencies and people have had to pull me away from situations where they thought it a tad dangerous, but give me time and I'll think you to death.

    DCCM: I've been trying to bring afternoon naps to the office environment, but so far I've been unsuccessful. And yours, too.

  19. Over tea and scones,
    She's as sweet as can be,
    sit and have a chat
    and live peacfully,
    but if you're in her hood,
    an' yer up to no good,
    She'll put you in your place
    like nobody else could,
    An' if you put up fight,
    And give her some of your sass,
    she'll pull out her nine
    and bust a cap in your ass

    she's one baaaad mama
    But only when she wanna, when she wanna be bad
    she's one baaaad mama,
    But her tea and scones are the best I've ever had.

  20. Oh, and Tom's Challenge #4 is up. Peace.

  21. You always struck me as an apple cake sorta girl. That's Dorset apple cake.

  22. ok, fine, tea and scones it is, but I want lemon curd, dammit, and good conversation, either that or we thumbwrestle.
    That is about the extent of confrontation I enjoy.
    Not that I will back down from the other kind, but thumbwrestling is about all I really seek out.

  23. Tom: Great poem.

    Jenn: Yum.

    Logo: Thumb wrestling should be how the world's heads of state should solve all disputes.