Tuesday, October 03, 2006


A man in his early thirties went into an Amish schoolhouse in Pennsylvania. He tied up the ankles of ten little girls and shot them execution style. Five girls dead, five girls injured. A grown man shot ten defenseless little girls.

People have been trying to find an explanation for this behavior. They have been looking for a reason why this “wonderful soccer dad of three boys” would do such a horrific thing. His co-workers said he was angry over the past two weeks. Now, the media has said he did this because he molested some of his own young family members twenty years ago and was afraid he’d do it again.

Plain and simple, this man was a coward. He had that in common with the other school shooters, the shooters committing the over 300 murders in Philadelphia so far this year, gangs, terrorists, Mark Foley and anyone else who takes their bullshit out on innocent people. They are all cowards.

I am sick and tired of the excuses. “I’m an alcoholic, I was abused by my pastor, my mommy taught me to suck her nipples, the football players picked on me, that guy looked at me cross-eyed, he had on the wrong colors…” This behavior is selfish. Someone forgot to tell these people that their feelings are not justification for bad acts. At some point, you need to grow up, take responsibility for yourself and quit whining about how bad you’ve been treated. Bite the bullet and get help if you are fucked up, instead of shooting the bullets at someone else.

One Amish man put it quite well when speaking about Charles Roberts, who ripped apart the little girls who didn’t stand a chance against him, when he said of Roberts, “He couldn’t cope with his own life.” Yeah. Why can’t these people just kill themselves without taking innocent people first?


  1. I couldn't agree with you more that there is far too much blaming other people for our behvior going on in the world. And that the men you mentioned are indeed cowards. They each abused their status as an adult by taking advantage of, and even killing, innocent kids. Teenagers are still kids, in my book.

  2. Nessa, society gets scarier every day. I stress in my classroom that kids earn their grades, I don't "give" them. I also stress choices and consequences. "So-and-so made me do it" doesn't fly. "So-and-so may have encouraged the action," I say, "but you chose to comply." Still, I am only one person for a few months out of a child's lifetime. If we don't all step up -- especially parents -- I don't see things getting better.

  3. That was my thought exactly. I think that even trying to understand people like this, though, is futile. They are bent somewhere inside and possibly missing a piece or two. Trying to understand them, for the 'normal' person, is like trying to understand pedophile 'thinking' - or 'incest' thinking - or, on and on and on. Most of us aren't capable of thinking like they do. Thank God.

  4. Nessa I agree with you so much it's scary. You're right. If someone can't cope with their life, they shoulf do the sensible thing and end it.

  5. In total agreement. Very well put!

  6. None of us have answers to this! We should not make excuses nor should our legal system make it so easy for people to take excuses to the extreme. Just pray for that is all we can do...

  7. When I saw this was happening, I thought "What the heck??? Why are these sickos running around?"

    How sad...if he hadn't killed himself, the parents would have.

  8. Brooke: These people make me really angry. Who can I kill to feel better? (Sorry.)

    Quilly: Parents need to step up. It's time to take responsibility for your children. Parents need to be less selfish. If you have children, raise them.

    Jackie: They have broken souls.

    Jenn: If they don't have the balls to get help, they should end it.

    eM: Yes, you said it very well.

    Pauline: I do pray. I'm still angry. And ashamed, because the families of the victims have "forgiven in their hearts." And understanding, because this says to me they have not forgiven in their minds.

    Dabich: With our media, by killing himself he did us all a favor. Otherwise, we'd be subjected to his whining about how mistreated he was by someone. Can you imagine, now they are saying he did this to pay God back for the death of his daughter 9 years ago.

  9. It's just so sad, and horrible.
    I grieve.

  10. Thanks for your message at my place. We have been going apple picking every year since our children were young. That makes for a lot of apples since we now have grandchildren!!! They have joined the team and I find it a great pleasure to allow them competition in filling my empty containers. lol Child labor can be a fun thing...Best to you and your daughter, perhaps we'll see you near the apple tree!

  11. This is what happens in a blameless society. It's always someone else's fault.

  12. The Amish school murders made me madder than I can talk about either offline or on my blog. It hits some raw nerves, and it took me a surprisingly long time to figure out why I took it personally.

    I did though.

    I got this angry because his actions in shooting the girls and the reasons coming out now all imply that in his sick, effed up head, it was THEIR fault that HE acted as he had. THEY were the ones tempting HIM, as were whoever he'd molested in his younger days, so they had to die.

    Sorry to hijack your blog comments, Vanessa.

  13. you are so right in all you say. The world is such a scary place!
    thanks for the visit!

  14. I admire the Amish for their act of faith. Although the loss of this tragedy will never leave them. They are displaying their true belief to the world. Forgiveness is difficult, often impossible for us to achieve. I received a parking ticket yesterday because a neighbor complained of another vehicle's parking ability. I was merely along the route of officer friendly. My point is, I experienced great anger and frustration. In the process I caught myself and thought of the Amish people and their great loss. I cried at my own weakness to forgive such a small infraction. Pray for them ...for the pain will never subside. Love to all!

  15. Pauline: You have inspired me to take an apple trip this year and possiblly making it an annual thing.

    DCMM: I hate it when people don't own up.

    Serra: No prob. His notes really pissed me off.

    Tina: Welcome. It is scary. These poor girls had no way to protect themselves.

    Pauline: You are so right. These Amish families make me feel tremendous shame for my pettiness. I pray that I can achieve even a small amount of their true greatness.