Monday, September 25, 2006

You Didn't Ask

1. I must have the air around me moving. I can take some heat as long as there is a breeze. Still air makes me feel like I am suffocating. I actually really love strong winds. They make me feel alive.

2. Everyday, before I go home from work, I stop in a parking lot that has a large tree next to a curb. I park under the tree so I’m in the shade and then I read for a half hour.

3. I love trees; the look of them and the feel of them. I am lousy at remembering names, so I can’t name any trees and I don’t want to study them. I just feel for them. They fascinate me.

4. I have learned how to play the violin, guitar, piano, recorder and autoharp. I am not proficient at any of them and I am not musically inclined. I can read music, too.

5. I am dyslexic and a very bad speller. I play all kinds of games with my brain to get things right. Dictionaries and spell checkers are tools I would not want to do without.

6. I am bad at remembering the specific names of things. I can discourse at length on an idea but don’t ask me to name it. In item number 4 above, I had to do an extensive internet search to find the name “autoharp.” This has an effect on spontaneous writing.

7. I have two piercings in my left ear and one in my right. My first two matching piercings I got when sleeping over at a friend’s house when I was fourteen. She took me to a jeweler. My pierced ears were a gift. She gave them to me because she thought my mother would have a fit. My mother didn’t. I did the second piercing in my left ear in college. I was drinking with friends. I got a sewing needle and an ice cube and did the deed. I was twenty. This piercing upset my mother.

8. At one time in my life, I went to the drag racing track every Sunday. I lived with a man who fabricated vintage Corvettes for racing. I learned how to rebuild carburetors and change exhaust systems.

9. I can go into a hypnotic state very easily, but I don’t take well to hypnotic suggestions. Both of these are protective techniques I learned very young. But it sucks when I want to change bad habits.

10. When I go up very high somewhere, I have a very strong urge to step off into space. I am always glad there are fences, glass, and railings, because I really want to just see if I can float.


  1. Trust me, if you want to float, stick to water -- unless of course you have a good harness and an bungee cord.

  2. Wow! We have a lot in common!

    I love trees, reading, parking under a tree to be in the shade to read (although, I don't get to do it everyday).

    I have the same exact ear piercings as you: got the matching ones when I was 12, and then pierced the second in my left by myself when I was in college... same method.

    Okay... so you didn't ask, but I'm telling you anyway. :-)

    Fun post!

  3. I have two piercings in my left ear and one in my right because a male friend wanted his ear pierced. He asked me to go with him (chicken to do it alone) and when we got there we found out that whether he had one piercing or two he was still going to be charged $10. Being a thrifty Scot, he wouldn't get his done unless I agreed to take the other earring and get another piercing.

  4. How about you NOT go up to a high place with a Hypnotist. The combination could be bad. But I sometimes think I can float, too. Sometimes, I think I do.

  5. I love trees too!
    Oh, and dyslexia, uh huh!
    Actually, I had a processing disorder that's related, mostly cope around it just fine these days but still kicks my ass on some things.

  6. Along with the guitar, I can play the bass, piano, and drums. As you, I cannot do any of them very well, but I love that I can play them and I love that I can figure out just about any instrument with enough time.

    And I can't leave out that I love singing, or that I love having something to sing about.

  7. Quilly: Oh, no, I have no urges to jump off of anything. As a matter of fact, jumping makes me sick to my stomache. I always dove into pools.

    Mr. Fab: You are a sweety, but I won't tell anyone; D

    DCMM: I always thought we did, too, from reading your site.

    Serra: My husband used to wear my extra earrings. He got his ear pierced because I think men with earrings are hot (must be a pirate thing.) But now he likes my father more than me and my father doesn't like men with earrings.

    Hot: It may be genetic. Both my mother and my daughter say they feel the same urge.

    Logo: I think the name thing is a processing malfunction. I can feel the words get stuck in a part of my brain, like a log jam. It sucks great big hairy ones.

    PTB: I was just marvelling today at my ability to figure out things I know nothing about. Pretty neat.

    I can't sing, but I love to sing. Every once in a while I will hit a note that doesn't make the neighborhood dogs howl.

  8. Any woman that can rebuild a carburetor and play an autoharp is alright in my book.

    I have that #10 deal too. You need to look in my archives for a post titled, "The Friend Who Wouldn't Push Me Off a Cliff." I think that's the title. Anyways, I'm right over an overhang on the edge that drops well over a thousand feet.

  9. Grunty: I will look for your story. It's nice to know I'm not alone in my wierd proclivities.

  10. I found your fact about stopping to read for a half hour every day after work interesting...nothing like a little time for oneself eh?

  11. I like this post - and especially the heading! And that half hour you give yourself is wonderful! Recharge, regroup.

  12. re: 6. I kind of like the idea of calling everything a 'whoosit"

  13. Dabich: I figured it was better than stopping at the bar on the way home.

    Jackie: Thanks. Yes, it does help. I haven't kicked my husband in a while.

    Fury: I do that alot. I say, "Whoosit, that's the technaical term for it."

  14. Fun post :)

    Re: #10-I want to do a similar thing but mostly because it would be a really bad idea. When I walk over bridges I have a weak urge to throw my keys or cell phone or something else of importance over the edge.

    Is it more common to have more piercings in the left ear? I think it probably is. I'm now feeling a bit odd that I have 2 in my right and one in my left. I used to have about 6-8 in each.

  15. Now you are definitely not a boring person. How I envy you.

  16. eM: I do think more in the left is usual. I wonder why?

    BB: Why? I don't think you're boring.