Thursday, September 07, 2006

Grand Slam

So, I took a break to recharge and regroup. I literally did the absolutely minimum to maintain life. I warned everyone ahead of time (in real time that is) that I was only going to do what I wanted. Mostly what I wanted to do was sleep and exercise the TV shooter. To my utter surprise, the world kept turning without me. I’m a little upset that everyone was able to function without my help, but there you have it. The following is what I got out of six days of brain-deaded-ness.

I watched Good Will Hunting for the first time. I watched infomercials, trashy talk shows and preachers. I am now armed with what I need to go back out into the world.

I did decide that I am no longer going to multi-task. I can do maybe 17,000 things at one time but that’s not good. So, I will only do one thing at a time and be in the moment (just call me Guru Nessa.)

I decided TV is crap and I will turn it off more often. This will be a challenge as the TV has been my friend, mentor and babysitter since I was about nine. I discovered over the last six days that rays are shot out of the tube and the rays turn my brain to mush and take away my will power. Since I don’t consider tinfoil hats a cool fashion statement, I must leave the TV off.

I am increasing my walking to a minimum of 45 minutes a day. Cesar says it is the minimum for dogs and their pets. Cody has taken me on a new path and we are set with that.

Then I also decided I that while I have never been much of a fashion plate, girly girly type, I could pick a more attractive style and take more care of myself. Normally, I would just pull my hair back in a ponytail and go, even with my hair wet. I look much better when I dry my hair straight. I will do my nails, just with clear polish, but it will make me feel more like a person; nothing fancy, just more care, that kind of thing.

I already have a schedule that I made up. I just need to follow it, instead of reading everyone’s wonderful blogs every waking moment of the day. This will be very hard, but I need to accomplish some things. Along with this plan, I will do more writing by hand. I will keep a pad next to my bed and when I start to obsess over something I will write it down. That way if it really is important I don’t have to worry that I will forget it.

So, I got up yesterday, my plan in mind and began reintroducing myself to the land of the living. Although checking the internet in the morning isn’t in the morning plan, I knew I had to let all of you lovelies know I was alive. After that it was walking time. I put on the sneaks (and other walking clothes) got a plastic bag, put my cell phone in my pocket, which I don’t usually do, and off we went.

Half way threw our walk, I got a call from my 20 year old daughter (MD.) On her way to work she had a car accident. She’s ok, thank God. But talk about going from stagnant to adrenaline rush.

She bought a brand new 2006 Chevy Malibu one week ago. I worried all last week about her driving in the rain, but there was no problem. This morning, she was driving along and a car to her right moved into her lane and hit her. She called me first. I had her call the police. We are in New Jersey. The people who hit her are from Massachusetts. They claimed to have insurance but they did not have an insurance card, so we won’t know for a week if they really do have insurance. The police gave the other driver a ticket.

MD’s car didn’t look too bad. A few scratches on the passenger side front fender and the driver’s side front tire hub cap. After being done with the police I told her to go to work. She got in the car, started to go and it made a bad sound. So she called me again and I had her call the roadside assistance company. They sent a tow truck. The car is back with the dealer in the shop. MD is still on our insurance. So I made a million calls to the insurance company, the shop and the car rental place. She has no car because the rental company does not allow anyone under 21 drive their cars. And my car is a five speed, which she never learned to drive and her father’s car is a big truck. I’m tooling around in a Cadillac (they didn’t have any midsize cars.) Ain’t life grand?


  1. Hi Goldennib,
    You know a casual statistic:

    one third of all new cars will have a fender bender or crash in the first 6 months.

    So don't be too harsh on your daughter, the likelihood now days is that everyone with a new car will have had a fender bender in the first 18 months to 3 years.

  2. Just be glad she was not hurt.

    Most new cars have fully comprehensive insurance in Europe. Metal panels can be be easily replaced or beaten back into shape.
    Humans are just a tad more fragile

    Hope you are having fun!

  3. Too much excitement for one day. I am happy for you that you are reclaiming your life from the electronics - -but sad for us. Come around when you can. You know we love you!

  4. Sorry to hear about your daughter's accident, but excellent that she's fine.

    You're also sounding very good after your break.

  5. Turning off the TV is a good start!

    -- david

  6. Sorry about the car; however, the important thing is that your daughter is fine.
    Life can be challenging at times.
    Here is a book you may enjoy:
    Sink Reflections by Marla Cilley
    She writes with humor about life, moods,responsibliities and the juggling aspects of women. I think you will find it both helpful and amusing. I did.
    Thank you for you kind post at my blog.

  7. I was wondering where you went of to and now I know. Sounds like you are much more centered after your week of ... whatever it was you did. :)

    I find that too much computer time depresses me but too little makes me feel lonely. I know I'll need to find the happy medium.

    For this not much tv person, TIVO is a wonderful thing. I just "tape" my few shows and watch them when I want. And several weeks of watching Ten years Younger has also given me the needed boost of putting on makeup and trying to look better each day. I could so easily fall into the "Mr. Mom" flannel shirt and no shower for days hole, if I don't watch it.

    Glad your daughter is okay. You're a good mom to do all that leg work.

    Keep us posted on your life, K?

  8. Glad she is alright! How did ya like Good Will Hunting?

  9. sometimes it's healthy to detach oneself from distractions...the trivial concerns, the minor worries that you have...and then you'll find out that things have a funny way of sorting themselves out. then you realize, it was futile of you to worry to begin with...

    that or that you're not needed...but i think it's more of the former...


  10. TV IS bad for you, and Kentucky Fried chicken is too, and partially hydrogenated stuff, and air too, I've heard.
    45 minutes, huh?
    Guess I better get on that.
    Glad to hear the decision to enjoy being you is going well.
    This inspires me

  11. A bit of advice:

    Don't simply turn off the tv. Throw something at, preferably something heavy (an ashtray would be my weapon of choice.) Then tell everyone you did it out of love. Love for life.

  12. Glad that your daughter is fine, Goldie.

    I have been exercising a bit more control as far as time spent on the computer, and I hardly ever watch T.V. It is nice. I'm never going to quit the blog, though. Never!!!

  13. Hey Nessa: Glad to hear you're reclaiming your life...though as Quilly says, we will miss you in the blogworld (not that I've been around much in the past week or so)

    Guru Nessa has a certain ring to it...:)

  14. Oh Lord! I'm so glad your daughter is not hurt! Good for you on getting more time for you and off the computer! We'll be here when you come around :)

  15. Welcome back, Yer Nibship.

    Don't destroy the TV. it's just a tool. Without TV you couldn't see stuff; the eyes have it. But if you're watching more than one movie or 90 minutes of assorted crap every other day, you do need to cut back. NEVER watch 'the news' on TV. You'll learn more about the shape of the world by reading blogs, except my blog, as I have nothing in common with reality. Swear to Dog, I get all the news I need from Google News.

    Good luck on walking 45 minutes a day. You won't be you in a year, but whoever you become, I'm sure we'll all be happy to know you.

  16. Thanks, everyone. The less/no TV thing is working out good. I thought I'd have a hard time keeping it off, but I'm finding I don't miss it much.