Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Fond Memories

I went to summer camp one time and one time only. I didn’t enjoy it. I didn’t connect with anyone. I remember that one summer as a series of embarrassing incidents. Here is just one and it goes to show you how deeply scarred I became by the dumbest experiences in the whole wide world.

I went to a sleepover camp in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey when I was eleven years old. The camp experience lasted two weeks. We had cabins that had beds for six girls or six boys and we stayed there most of the time.

In the middle of the two week stay, there was a camp out where we hiked into the woods and slept under the stars for one night.

When we arrived at the site, we picked our spots and set up camp. At one point, one of the male counselors shouted for all of the boys to gather round; they were going off on a little side trip.

“Can I go, too?” I called out enthusiastically.

“We are going to take a shit,” one of the boys shouted above the laughter.


  1. Mean little bugger wasn't he? The littlest thing can rob a child of his or her dignity for a lifetime.

  2. Once, when I was at a camping experience in early elementary school, the counselors thought I WAS a boy. Scarred for life.

  3. These memories are priceless, even if you did get embarrassed.

    Nessa, I hope you still will come around after my little character exercise post. Come on, I'm not like that=)

  4. Hmmm....in my family everyone likes potty talk (everyone being me and Ivan). Jackie wonders how all our conversations turn scatalogical. Jackie is smarter than me and uses words like scatalogical.

  5. boys are mean. gang shitting ...never heard of it.

  6. Jackie is my sister...my baby sister...who was born a heck of a lot smarter than me.

  7. Oh, I love your camp story! We all some of those wonderful(?) experiences. Maybe to teach us humility?

    And you can tell Jenn that of course I use the word "scatalogical", it's hard not to when the wildlife on our hill leave so much of it around.

  8. I see you've met my family -- Cindra Jo, my niece, and Jackie's Garden -- my sister, Cindra's mother. If you like me, you'll really like them!

  9. I'm still locked out of ptb's site, and I still don't know why.

  10. Quilly: I suspect I may have been a little sensitive. I embarrassed easily in those days.

    Cindra Jo: Ewwww, fern tips and goats milk, no way.

    DCMM: I think I've been trumped. Let's cry together.

    Cindra Jo: Your poor daughter. Did you get pictures to show us? : D

    Grunty: I love the way your mind works. Even though it's been a while, "I'll be back."

    PTB: On the mini excursion with the boys, no. Eventually, yes.

    Mr. Fab: You must be quick around here.

    Jamie: I know. So sad for me.

    Jenn: We have many air related conversations.

    Cindra Jo: I had to look scatological up in the dictionary. I will be using it alot from now on.

    Guggs: Gang shitting sounds really dirty.

    David: I love stupid jokes. No really, I do. I'm still laughing.

    Jenn: I think you are being modest, again.

    Cindra Jo: You reminded me to call Jenn, Bubbles.

    Jackie: I have a scatological bag for when I walk my puppy.

    Quilly: I do like them. Like you, they are funny and smart. I love their comments and I have their blogs bookmarked.

    Quilly: Have you tried contacting PTB? You know he moved right? But his email at his old site still works. Maybe it's just a scatological computer glitch.