Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Yuck Alert!

I am depressed. I have been depressed for about a week and a half. I am depressed because of the reasons that I am depressed because I shouldn’t be depressed. I feel like crying.

I am such a control freak that when things don’t go the way I want them to go, I can’t deal with life.

Let me tell you how pathetic I am:

I have two houses. I don’t want two houses. I keep trying to sell one. But of course the market slows down right now. I gave an opportunity to a young person who swore they really wanted to buy a house and then she proceeded to screw up the process, not once, not twice, but three times and now she refuses to sign the release for the escrow she put down. So I’m out two months worth of payments for a house no one is living in.

I have a job that pays me lots of money, but I hate it. It is making my brain hurt, I am so bored. Do I even have a right to bitch because I’m bored? What kind of person does that? Why don’t I change jobs, you ask? Because I’m paying for two damn houses.

I am so tired of the emotional rollercoaster I have been on since March. I am exhausted.

I do know how lucky I am, which is why I hate feeling this way. But I want to move on in some sort of orderly way, damn it. (Can you see me on the floor throwing a temper tantrum?)


  1. I think you should take legal action against the stupid girl who did you out of two months of payments. Serve her with a lawyer's letter (never mind about being too nice to do it) and see how quickly things turn around. The people who only take advantage of you when you are nice deserve to be treated this way.

    Hope you feel better.

  2. Ditto Jenn. Get up off the floor and kick some butt. Try out this battle cry: "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!"

  3. You two are the best. Right as always. I spent the last 3 1/2 hours reading and commenting on blogs after I wrote this. I knew you two would be here when I got back. Thanks so much. I am feeling better and tomorrow I will kick some butt-olla.

  4. Goldie, you are going to triumph! That's not just the neck brace and the drugs talking, either.

  5. Yea! "You go, baby!" (Can you tell I was forced to endure part of an Austin Powers movie? And I was so proud of myself for never having seen one.)

  6. things have a funny way of sorting themselves out.

    let's drink.

    all the best.

  7. hey well
    Guess u win some u lose some...ur lucky enugh to be able to own two houses and guess the price for that is that uv gotta do a boring job!
    But well its a phase..like every other phase this too shall pass...just hold on!

  8. I complain about boredome all the time. It's a legitimate ailment.

  9. Grunty: Thanks, even if your well wishes are drug induced. I'll take what I can get.

    Quilly: Yeah, Baby! (Doing a beatnic boop)

    Guggs: You are right. I will pour myself some gin-laced patience. Cheers.

    Markis: I'm sorry your first trip through wonderland was so bleak. Please come back. The commenters are funny.

    Ekta: I am lucky in many ways. I am also pathetically self centered. Come back to see what other self ingulgence I participate in.

    Jay: Thanks. Can I get disability for it?

  10. I am in the process of reading a new book "And we are Changed". Although we do not know each other it sounds as though we are having the same difficulties.The book tells me I am in this holding pattern because God is working. I will experience a miracle...in His time, not mine. Are you selling a small house by any chance? We are sitting on an empty house with memories from our used to be's. I have been asking for direction. Why did you write this and why did I read it today? For sure, only God knows! Keep the faith, things will work out.

  11. I have two houses too, darnit, and I want one to sell for me quickly! CanI throw a temper tantrum on the floor with you?
    Then when I'm done, you can kick some butt. I'll just shake it off and go on lol

    I agree with your two buds up there...serve the papers and quit being nice!

  12. Pauline: We are selling a small house. We call it the double-wide. I have been trying to tell myself to be patient. I know God will take care of me, He always does. I know I am pathetic. I am trying not to beg God to save me because when it is all over, I will be elated and I will wonder why I amde such a fuss. I am trying to figure out what I am holding on to, also, because I do love my new house and where it is. But maybe it's because it was my first house and I never thought I would own any at all. Plus, because it was so small, we were closer. Now, I feel a bit overwelhmed and feel like we can gt lost from each other. I don't know. thanks for your comment and good luck to you. Maybe we'll sell together.

    Dabich: It's good not to be alone. I read the contract regarding the deposit and it is very vague. The only thing it says for sure, is that if both parties don't sign the release, the deposit goes no where. So, I'll just leave it there until hell freezes over and move on. Everything is a learning experience. I'm not going to cause myself more aggrevation to try to punish her. It's enough that sheget it back. Good luck to you too. You, Pauline and I will sell together. Another trio is born.

  13. Mr. Fab: You are my hero. I think we need to look at another area besides the basement. Too obvious (did you see the body parts they pulled out of a basement in Philadelphia? They say the owner killed and dismemebered his neighbor because the neighbor made a pass at the owner's girlfriend. Men beware who you chat up.)