Sunday, August 06, 2006

COI Limerick

There once was a man named Justin
Words of wisdom were his custom
He wrote Concept Of Irony
To keep us all free
But mostly he was just a bustin’.


  1. Aw Nessa, Justin will be very very touched. I think.

    So sweet.

  2. Oh, no fair! I wanted to win! Now you'll get the non-existant prize for first place! Wah!

  3. Jenn: Maybe touched by a fever.

    Quilly: Your Haiku definitely deserve first over my limerick. It's not even dirty.

  4. But my haiku have nothing to do with Justin! I did do a couple of illiteration pieces on Day, and two 17 word posts on BS anon (and a third post in Spanish), but nothing like your limerick.

  5. hey vanessa: i like coi and i went to vote for you and like a bit of the site couldnt figure out where?

    anyway i also wanted to read your meme for which pink had tagged you. if she hadn't before me, i would have before her.

    have u done it? i couldnt locate it? or are you being lazy? which is so not you

  6. Mr. Fab: Justin is having a PR contest with lousy prizes.

    Quilly: Want to arm wrestle for the non-existant first prize?

    Lemon: The voting contest is along the site's sidebar.

    *Hangs head* I missed being tagged. I will get on it today.

  7. Please tell me how you put a link in the comment box! I must know!

  8. Or touched in the head?

    (Justin, I'm just kidding, you know I don't think you're touched in the head, er, yes, no, no definitely not)

  9. Quilly: I sent you an email.

    Jenn: I was going to, ahem, suggest, ahem, that Justin was touched, but I don't know him that well.