Sunday, August 11, 2013

Monday Madness

You won't find many pictures of me on the internet [for obvious reasons] but since I've decided to do things that make me feel uncomfortable, I am doing as mindlovemisery suggests and posting an unvarnished photo. I never wear make-up and rarely did even in my disco days. I wouldn't suggest making this image biggerer. :)

the less i know

sapphire skies bring death
unbelievable silence
while blue eyes laugh

fingertips tingle along nerve
endings in excitement

sharks keep moving
looking for their next
breath in water

comfort is over-rated
skinned knees scab
kisses make better

words weigh more
than sticks and stones

mindlovemisery - PROMPT 16: LIFE LESSON

a man was paring a pear
at the local county fair
he lopped off a piece
that fell into the grease
and ended as fried country fare

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  1. I am nervous about posting photos of myself way to go, you're lovely =)

    This is absolutely gorgeous Nessa! Comfort is over-rated but like many people I spend too much time seeking it out. "Unbelievable silence" that just gives me chills, brilliant work

    Love your limerick as well

    1. I really didn't want to post my picture so I felt I had to.

  2. some very good knowledge and I loved the limerick. I tried "Mad Kane" a few times but it's not a talent that I possess. My mind kept going back to my youth where there was "a man named Dave who kept a dead whore in his cave..."
    How do I top that?...

    1. Not sure why you don't post your face more often. You have two ears, two eyes and a nose. You look much like one of my aunts. One who lived a little further north of you in Quebec. She also had two eyes, nose and two eyes and all in the right places. Bingo!

    2. George: I love limericks mostly because they are supposed to be naughty.

      Russell: You made me think of a fun house mirror which is pretty much how I see myself - sort of all the correct parts but not in the correct positions. :)

  3. comfort is over rated for sure...and the more we push ourselves out of those comfort zones the further we go...hey, nice pic...smiles.

    1. I've spent too much time being comfortable and it really just isn't.

  4. I forgot to log in so wordpress ate my comment! Argh!
    I hate that we live in a society where unless we look like a photoshopped magazine image of a skinny, heavily made-up twenty-something (or someone trying to look like a skinny, heavily-made up twenty-something) we are ashamed of our appearance. I really wish the media showed a variety of people of all shapes, sizes and ages. It is never the physical appearance that makes someone ugly. Ugly comes from the inside.
    People keep telling me I should post a picture of myself, but I'm afraid. I have such body image issues. I have been bulimic since I was twelve, and although I haven't forced myself to vomit in years, sometimes I still starve myself for days on end, which no-one believes because I'm heavy. This society sucks!

    1. I understand about the media and it doesn't help but how I feel about my appearance comes from a more sinister and damaging source - not living deep inside. And so something I feel I must work at conquering before I die.

      I find pictures of myself very scary and always have.

      Many overweight people starve themselves for periods of time.

  5. Good for you, and I like it. Most of the time I wear mascara only or no make-up at all.I've got a little bit of hippie in me. A funny bit of synchronicity. I don't often use pictures of myself (actually, I'm rarely in photos to begin with) but I did today as part of a story.

    I love the poem. I remember once when my first son fell as a barely-toddler and skinned his knee. As I dusted him off I told him, "Knees have to become knees somehow." It's our scars that make us who we are.

    1. Makeup has always made me feel like I was wearing a mask. Halloween is about the only time I wear makeup.

      I love that saying.

      I loved seeing a picture of you.

  6. Good for you!! I've posted a picture of myself without makeup or a hair style on my blog more than once. I'm also making a wacky face...pretty scary!! :)

    1. I couldn't not make a funny face. Couldn't help myself. I guess it's the "I'll laugh before they do." syndrome. :)

  7. Hey, Vanessa, lovely to see you! :)

    "words weigh more
    than sticks and stones" - that's so perfect and so true and the limerick was awesome, Vanessa. Like you, I've never been a make-up sort of gal and who ever really likes pics of themselves?

  8. The first one made me think and limerick made me laugh ~ How brave of you to post a picture of yourself without make up ~ I salute you ~

  9. To put my comments in the context they were really meant and not with my usual cavalier humour. As long as 'he' loves you and you him, as long as they worship their Mom (when she's not nagging about the state of bedroom) as long as all who love you think you are the dogs nuts, who cares about looks?
    Too much of that media/advertising stuff clouds our thinking and anyway, who really is beautiful? Very few and besides one mans cheese is another's chalk.
    All parts in right place and very much loved by those who count.

  10. Open letter to Magical Mystery Teacher
    Your harrassment of a female colleague of mine is appalling. You recently whined to the haiku website that people were cheap not commenting on your posts, and for some reason think you have the right to post unpleasant comments to a woman who has done nothing to you. I am sending this round in the hope that someone requests you to stop.

  11. Love the pic!!!
    Great poems. :) xx