Friday, August 23, 2013

Flash 55 - Blurred Vision

This is my pup. You aren’t afraid of dogs, are you?

No, I like dogs. Well, the four-legged kind anyway. The two-legged kind are a bit scary.

You know the solution to that is to quit drinking before you can no longer see properly...

Oh, I’ve always been real good about not getting beer goggles.


  1. Vanessa Kilmer and Southern Comfort. Hmmmmm
    There seems to be a story there somewhere..:-)
    The two legged dogs are the most vicious!
    Loved your canine 55
    Thank you for your always cool stories,
    Your creativity and support tickles my fancy
    Have a Kick Ass Week End

  2. Beer Goggles or not... I see a Yahtzee!!!!

  3. ha. of course you have...
    you'll believe anything once they are on
    and you def see the world a bit different...smiles.

  4. Two legged dogs tend to fall over when drunk and the need to urinate up lampposts occurs.

  5. Two legged dogs tend to fall over when drunk and the need to urinate up lampposts occurs.

  6. Oh yes, those two-legged dogs are avoided if at all possible.

  7. In my younger day I didn't always quit before I was wearing beer goggles. That combined with the stupidity of hypersexuality (an unpleasant feature of bipolar disorder) caused me to get into some unfortunate relationships because I thought I was destined to be with those two legged dogs.

  8. Talk about drinking, my vacation was full of it. Sometimes the beer goggles reach out and grab you despite your best efforts.

  9. I have never been a drinker but there was about a year of my life when I was trying to be more social so I drunk socially to fit in. Epilepsy and alcohol and whatever psychological stuff I must have going on it wasn't a good combination. I still haven't forgiven myself and never will, I was certifiably crazy for that year aside from my atrocious behavior I started to believe in magic and all kinds of strange things. I will never drink again not even a sip. I loved the opening lines btw made me smile =)

    The new prompt is up =)