Sunday, July 28, 2013

Contest Update

I bet you didn't even know I had a contest. Not your fault. We all know how up on things I always am.

So back in June (I think) I drew a name from the people who LIKED my official facebook page Vanessa V. Kilmer - Official (clever name, huh.)

Ryan won. Because he had to get off the interwebs for a while for a job, I couldn't let him know. I recently told him about his win and you can not imagine his excitement. Ryan, you may choose from one of the gifts shown in this photo.

~click on the image to make biggerer~

There's a Phillies Mr. Potato Head or a Phillies leather sports bracelet or a Vampire Butterfly mug. Or you can have a blank, hand-made greeting card.

If you want to be in on July's drawing, LIKE my official facebook page Vanessa V. Kilmer - Official. For an added chance, subscribe to my monthly newsletter, Nessa's News (another clever name, I know.) You can sign up right there in the top right corner of my blog. 

UPDATE: The drawing is at 5pm EST on July 31, 2013. And Ryan chose the leather Phillies sports bracelet. 


  1. oo i would totally go for the vampire butterfly...


  2. I have a strict separation of blog and Fb policy, so I can't participate, but good luck to the winner.