Monday, July 29, 2013

Clean Up or Shut Up!

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Messy Desk.
Clean desk from left to right. 
[See that mess back there I have to fix?]
More info about my RUNES can be found in Nessa's News, 
including clues on deciphering the message..
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Here you see Gideon the Ghost 
[he lives in the skull - maybe you don't see him], 
Thing I & Thing II, 
Cherry Cherub, 
Minuscule Mouse, and 
Chauncey Chick-a-dee. 
Ah, a blank canvas ... more.
The section in the top right corner is entitled "Dark Side." 
The section in the middle, where I work, 
is entitled "Focus." 
[neither are done yet, of course]
The center piece of "Focus" when still wet.

Close up when dry.


  1. ha...your have the coolest your rune corner...did you ever tell us what it meant?

  2. A creative desk for a creative person....I love it.

  3. Okay, you have the most interesting desk I've ever seen, Vanessa!

    1. I can't stand that plain brown fake wood but I love the huge desk. And it was free

  4. Lovely composition and beautiful objects, lovely photos!

  5. what an imagination!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° > <3

    1. "Making Room For Runes." Another book maybe or perhaps an album by Devendra Banhart. You are incredibly creative if a little messy. I can say that with impunity 'cos I am several thousand miles away. (Not that I am chicken but I might not be so brave if I lived over there!!!)

    2. Cloudia: I must keep myself entertained and distracted.

      Russell: You are in trouble Mister! :) One of my nicknames growing up was Messy Nessy. I guess it still applies. Although, my house's shared areas are quite neat, organized and almost spartan.

  6. Vanessa...? Hemostats?

    I have a pair, and I'm no surgeon!

    1. :) One of the most versatile tools I own. And never used for its 2 most popular uses.

  7. Very funny your valuables! Wonderful skull!

  8. Very nice; Now how to get it off the desk?

    I like the blue.