Monday, July 30, 2012

Tweet Me a Tale

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Cats, Bats and All Things Black

(18 Jul to 19 Jul 2012)

Shut off my alarms and slept late (6.30) So far, so good. The calm before the storm?

I throw off my blankets to leap into the morning. Instead, I step into a thick, black goo that changes my sunny disposition.

I scrub. I use solvents. It’s not coming off. It covers from the toes of both feet to my right thigh and my left buttocks.

Picture a dark vacuum sealed plastic package or one of those shiny latex fetish catsuits but with no zipper over the mouth hole.

I gasp for air & suck in evil, thick as crude oil. I try to go to my safe place but I have a hard time remembering where that is.

The attack lasts for 3 minutes. I know because I count off the seconds in my head to distract myself from the pain.

Meeting an angel should be pleasurable not painful. I guess Samael considers himself exceptional.

I forgot to pay the electric bill. That explains the lack of light; the dead alarm clock; the still ceiling fan.

~ Merry Meet and Blessed Be ~

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  1. ha....interesting....made me think of that goop from creepshow...that is some scary stuff....i always look for it at the lake...smiles...