Friday, July 06, 2012

Flash 55 - Questions

"Squid" by Vanessa V. Kilmer, May 27, 2012
zentangle ~ uni~ball VISION ELITE black on paper
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who you voodoo
pink orange & blue
what you doing
percolating & brewing
where you been
none of your biz gunga din
when you go away again
likely by the count of ten
why you do a deep sigh
something is in my little eye
how you just disappear
answer to that is quite unclear

Write a story in exactly 55 words.

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~ Merry Meet and Blessed Be ~


  1. so where you been gunga din? smiles....hope you are having a wonderful summer nessa...

  2. Love the Gunga Din reference. Hope you're doing well Nessa. There's not many of us "old timers" left in the blogosphere.

  3. always good to see you nessa...hope you are enjoying your summer...thanks for the warm words as well..smiles.