Friday, August 05, 2011

Flash 55 - Ode to Summer

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"ozonic corrosion" by Vanessa V. Kilmer (c) August 4, 2011
[paint and picasa 3]

Lightening crashed through the neighborhood knocking out the power and air-conditioned goodwill. 

Tempers rose with the temperature. Sweat wiped from stormy brows flew from clenched fists and mixed with words spit out in staccato bursts of anger. 

Between the one one-thousand, two one-thousand count of thunder claps, slaps and punches added to the ozonic corrosion.

Summer is my least favorite season. 

Write a story in exactly 55 words.

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  1. Love this, Nessa, especially how you described tempers rising with the temperature! :)

  2. sounds like a knock down drag out kind of night...i like the picture...

  3. I could feel the storm within the words! Absolutely love your art!

  4. Very timely and the words very aptly narrate the picture.

  5. air-conditioned goodwill ... so good :o)
    I loved all of it and the painting is stunning!

  6. Love your artwork! It's the perfect compliment to the fierce ode to summer's tantrums.

  7. Well Well Well....
    The talented Vanessa Kilmer!!!
    I Love the Summer, but it's NOT my favorite
    I Loved your 55
    Thanks for playing VK, I really appreciate it. You Rock!!!
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End

  8. Well, no one threw any punches but we had quite the storm here last night as well!

    Thankfully, the power interruptions were brief cause the temperature was awful!

  9. I HATE summer. There I said it. Not a Texas good time of year for me.

    We got to experience that wonderful loss of A/C and usual goodwill for 2 days last week. Luckily it was a very minimal repair bill.

    I freaking LOVE A/C!

    I remember reading or watching on tv once how summer is peak homicide season. Oy. Stay safe. And cool!

    xo here is my 55.

  10. Oh, I'm sorry you're not enjoying it! Summer is by far my favorite season.

  11. Oh, I'm sorry you're not enjoying it! Summer is by far my favorite season.