Friday, August 12, 2011

Flash 55 - Green Balloon

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"Green balloon" by Vanessa V. Kilmer (c) August 12, 2011
[paint and picasa 3]

I took a deep breath;
you know
that kind that fills your lungs and belly and then radiates crystal clear oxygen out to your extremities making your fingers and toes tingle with delight.

With eyes closed and all other senses open, I claimed the joy of perfect weather;
a simple, much needed gift today.

Write a story in exactly 55 words.

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Merry Meet and Blessed Be


  1. oh it was perfect here today as well...been out in it all afternoon...gorgeous...

  2. "With eyes closed and all other senses open".....sounds like a perfect way to feel the joy you describe.

  3. Wonderful! Brilliant!
    Thanks, Nessa!

  4. Wonderful ... and I just love those colours!

  5. I was breathing right along with your sensing, sensing every syllable and enjoying each vowel and consonant of this beautiful day!

  6. Sometimes simple pleasures are all that we need for perfection.
    Have a lovely weekend, hopefully with perfect weather.;)

  7. one of your best, enjoyed it very much.

    By the way, the person *^_^* who on Sat Aug 13, 12:05:00 commented:

    "Wonderful! Brilliant! Thanks, Nessa!" left an identical comment (except for the "Nessa" part) on one of my blogs.

    No great harm, but definitely a spammer

  8. I love your 55 word story. Brilliant.

  9. *smile* Makes me feel like taking a deep breath and spreading my arms.