Saturday, April 30, 2011

Simple on Saturday

I found this 6 minute 
interesting and entertaining - perception is all.

Merry Meet and Blessed Be


  1. Unfortunately, it also seems to work the other way. For example, DDT seemed like a solution, but turned out to be a problem. . .

  2. Liked the video. I think that you've referred so many people that it crashed the site. lol (i.e. I could watch the video, but I couldn't look at anything else on the website, like more info about the book. lol)

  3. i choose solutions nessa...and i love white board/pink bat vids...this guy is genius.

  4. The video is just awesome.Thanks sharing it.Hope you good.Great post.
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  5. Great video! I love visuals. And your quote today is awesome, too.

  6. Cool video. Inattentional blindness, incidentally, is why talking on cell phones increases people's risk of crashing - even though you are looking at the road your focus is on the conversation.