Sunday, May 04, 2008

D is for Dogwood

Dancer of the Quill is playing a game and she's making me play because I said I would.

Today's letter is D.

I have included a Haiku because no one liked my last poem; D


Pink, green, Dogwood blooms.
Sunshine streaming in rivers,
Flowing over bark.


  1. Lovely photo.

    Lovely poem.

    Lovely sportsmanship.

    Okay, two out of three isn't bad.


  2. Fine. I'll stop whining and play with good grace=)

  3. Beautiful dogwood - I wish I could grow it here. I like your Haiku too :)

  4. Great colors in this one. You captured it well. :)

  5. Such pretty colors. Glad you are playing along :)

  6. Lovely picture and a nice poeme !

  7. Very beautiful shot and lovely haiku!!

  8. Actually... I LOVED your last poem... I just thought the rules were to "brain tasky" for me... NOT that I don't like a poetic challenge from time to time... I do! Just not yesterday. Or today. But SOMEday I'm going to do one! And I'll invite YOU to read it when I do! LOL! (not that you'll want to...)

    As for today... I love dogwoods and Haiku!

  9. beautiful dogwood, great idea in the haiku.
    however, i always tend to shorten the verse (5-7-5 is way outdated and too many syllables compared to the haiku in japanese); more important than syllables is the rhythm and the impression the poem leaves

    hope you don't mind if i add my version of your verse:

    dogwood in bloom
    rivers of sunshine
    flow over bark

  10. It is obvious that I was not very effective in that "making you play" attempt. Feel free to jump back in any time.

  11. The colors are the emotions expressed in my dreams the subjects paint themselves. Not always are the dreams clear and nice, but reality is also that way. so I do not dwell too long in each.
    Can I link ur poem it gives me a nice dream