Saturday, May 03, 2008

Because I Said So...

Quilly who lives in Hawaii and writes and shows gorgeous photos at Just Another Day in ...Paradise? has started an ABC project at her place where you post a picture each day for each letter of the alphabet. When I made a visit at her place and saw all of her beautiful pictures I mentioned I would participate and being the tyrant she is she came here looking for me to full fill my commitment. I should be committed. So to catch up, here are A, B and C. Go check out what Quilly has done and tell her not to boss me around - I'm sensitive.

C is for Chopper

B is for Brandon

A is for Airplane


  1. HA! If I didn't boss you around we wouldn't have airplane, Brandon (who is very cute), chopper -- or this post! Remember. One per day. D is tomorrow. And your daily posts will be a certain treat for your fans!

  2. You've read all of Roberson's Sword Dancer series. Didn't you love them? And why haven't you read the Ilona Andrews books yet?

  3. Love the pics! That boy sure is cute.

  4. Bossy, bossy, bossy. I have vowed not to read a new book until I have gotten everything together for my yard sale in two weeks, but once done Ilona Andrews is first. I really did enjoy the Sword Dancer series.

    I'm off to do another closet.

  5. Nessa, Nessa, Nessa... we should ALL be committed... and there is NO controlling Quilly! I'm sorry... you're just stuck! Suck it up and ... deliver "D". You did GREAT with ABC! (Brandon is adorable!)

  6. Way to catch up! Glad you joined!!

    Love the photo of your little man.

  7. ha, this was lovely!
    oh well, quilly sure has ways to make one commit themselves :)