Friday, February 01, 2008

Yes, It's the Amazingly Bombastic Creativity Scavenger Hunt Game - List for February

First, I must say Rabbit, Rabbit, before I forget again. Thanks everyone for all of your lovely comments. I will respond before the weekend is over. I must make my brother's birthday cake tonight (He's really, really, really old, like 46 or something.) I'll post the card and prezzie I made him later, too. Tomorrow, we're all going to the horse races 'cause that's what he wants. I'll rest and play during the Super Bowl. Tomorrow is the first ever Astrology Monthly and it's all about LOVE. This week at work was hell on wheels. (That was a long first.)

Second, the Wieners of January's Amazingly Bombastic Creative Scavenger Hunt were


The competition was fast and furious and bombastically creative. I, of course, never finished my list. Go see all of their wonderful submissions. The links go right to the posts. You'll get a good idea what it's all about.


Get Ready. Get Set. GO!

Amazon Antelope
Big Bozzo
Cozy Couch
Dead Dora
Elevated Engine
Flat Feet
Green Gills
Horny Heaven
Inky Ice
Jammed Joke
Kissing King
Long Lock
Married Mouse
Naked Newt
Old Oats
Popping Pimple
Quivering Quilt
Roving River
Smiling Smoke
Tall Tree
Useless Uniform
Voluptuous Vine
Winding Wind
Xeroxed Xylophone
Yellow Yam
Zero Zinnia

And get a chuckle at Humor-Blogs dot com.


  1. I'll have to pass. Too long and complicated for us. I would like to see one someday that is more simple and open ended, like pictures of animals in our neighborhood or favorite little things in the house. Or find amusing photos of our favorite celebrities. Something like that. But I like to see them when others like TLP do this, she's funny. I like to get out and take pictures or photoshop pics I find on Google. But I've been getting headaches lately. Eyestrain. Sorry. Have fun with it if you have the patience.

  2. I would but I am to busy trying to get my blog out of elementary school. Say happy birthday to your brother for me.

  3. Rabbit, rabbit! (Belated... tibbar, tibbar.)

    What a nice blog ya got here!

  4. How do you keep up with all this stuff Nessa? I'm exhausted just reading your list.

  5. I may be the last to wish - but rabbit, rabbit! I've seen some of the entries and will check out the others. I'm working my way up to scavenging!

  6. Tibbar Tibbar - and *whew*... I'm still exhausted from the last one! But I'll have to admit, it truly was fun to do. I didn't know what half of them were until I did a little research. You have to have that magic resource.... TIME in order to do it properly.