Thursday, February 28, 2008

Limericks - Brotherly Love

Here are two versions of the limerick I wrote for my brother's birthday card. The second one is the version I used.

There once was a fellow named Jim
Who liked his glass filled to the brim
He drank all his beer
Saying bring more here
I don’t care if I break every limb.

* * * ~ ~ ~ * * *

There once was a fellow named Jim
Who liked his beer poured to the brim.
He really had to pee,
So he found a big tree
And dampened the topmost limb.

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  1. You know I love this. Jim must be a heckuva man.

  2. That was funny, I bet he laughed so hard he peed his pants!

  3. Awesome! I liked the second one best, too!

  4. Doug: My brother is an excellant beer drinker, which is a family requirement.

    Tom: He was actually a tad stunned. He likes to pretend he's all proper like, hence my sweet lyrics.

    Mr. Fab: They was fun.

  5. Great limerick. Totally awesome punch line and the fact that he is "all proper like" is even better!

  6. You must be a trial to your brother. (shakes head) Good job! Keep it up!

  7. GLS: Putting cracks in his fascade makes me smile.

    HPY: I giggled.

    Quilly: Yes. He needs someone to muss his hair (what little is left; D)

  8. Jim's my kinda guy,and you're my kinda sister!

  9. They're very funny, but I like the first one better!!

  10. That cake looks professional nessa. You sure are talented. Cute dog too!

  11. My sister just sends commercial cards and they aren't funny. Your a special kind of sister.

  12. Your brother sounds like my JB!

    You're a very talented limerist! (Is that a word?)

  13. L&N: That’s one word for them; D

    Sandy: It’s just he two of us, so we try to annoy eachother as much as possible.

    David: I like the first one better too but the second one is more specific to him.

    Grunty: I’m sorry to say that some folks present at the time of the party did not get the last line.

    Ubermouth: I like baking. Thanks.

    Dr. John: My brother says I’m special, too, although he may mean it different than you do.

    Mizmel: I like that word. Works for me.

  14. LIB: Thanks. You have a nice place too. I look forward to checking out all of your paintings and 50 other blogs; D

  15. too funny Nessa1 I liked the chocolate cake as well - looked yummy!

    Sounds like you are doing fabulous with your Cookie diet and all! Way to go!

  16. very cute, thanks for the smile :)

  17. My siblings are beer drinkers, too. You gotta be, in WI!! It's not just cheese and sausage here. :) But, not me. Can't stand beer. It must be an acquired taste. Oh, well.

    Loved your limerick. Cracked me up.

  18. Katie: Official weigh in today was another 2.5 pounds for a total of 20 pounds in three weeks.

    Kim: I live to spread sunshine; D

    Shari: I almost never drink beer, myself. I like a good gin (in the pretty blue bottle) & tonic (Vantage is best) with lime.