Friday, August 31, 2007

Passion Prayer

I cleaned out some old things the other day and came across this poem I wrote in my twenties. Can you tell?

* * * * *

Wrap your arms around me, I want your loving embrace
hold me, softly, sweetly, butterfly kisses on my face

The stars shine above me, reflected in your eyes
floating, drowning, melting, caressed by your sighs

Upon the sea we’re drifting, light, unchained and free
fearless, passion, a heat that we can see

Whisper softly to me, seduction in my ears
across my breast you’re trailing as the trembling nears

When you rise to meet me, the rhythm in my soul
rocking, gently swaying, embers, white-hot coal

Lay your breath upon me, inhale my fragrant wine
churning, swirling, pounding, worship in my shrine.


  1. Sweet, and somehow, satisfying.

  2. Wow. Not everyone expresses themselves so beautifully. You needed have mentioned age. It is the moment that shines!

  3. that is actually quite good...clearly in a young, hopeful, innocent believing way...but very sweet!

  4. Nice poem.
    I thought it very sweet indeed!! :)

  5. I agree.. very sweet and charming...

  6. Jenn: Thanks.

    Pauline: Thank you.

    Minka: We were all idealists.

    Debs: Thank you.

    Katie: And thank you, too.

  7. Don't underestimate yourself, Goldie. That's a good read. You've only improved with age and experience :)