Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Off and Flooding

We began the New Year with stopped up plumbing, but the good news is that my husband talked me into the sewer line protection program, so we didn't have to fork out loads of money to get upstoppered.

I also broke down and went through all of my old files. I produced three large bags of shredded paper for recycling. I feel lighter already and my office/studio is progressing. I'm taking pictures as I go along. I tried posting a couple the other day but blogger wasn't having any of it.

This weekend I will be doing blog housekeeping. There's so much interesting information and stories out there, but I can't read everything, so I'm going to limit myself to those of you lovelies who have stopped by and commented in the last three months.

I have so many projects to work on that I will need some discipline to get it all done.

I want to edit Happenstance for the practice. I want to finish Storytime. I want to participate in Cindra's barter program. I'd like to meet the very talented MO’A who lives very near me. I have to make my daughter's Renaissance Faire dress and cape (I made her corset last year, but she would like another.) There's decorating this new house of ours. I need to get my H/R certification since I'll need to start looking for a new job this year after ten years. So studying the laws and memorizing accronyms are on the horizon. That means I'll be re-doing my resume. Oh, and I need to squeeze in 50 - 60 hours of work a week to pay for my addictions. And I suppose I'll need to pay attention to my family, too.

Is 2007 over yet? I'm exhausted.


  1. Flooding! That stinks! I hope you and your family are OK.

    Speaking of addictions, make sure to leave some time for the fam! Would hate to see you burnout.

  2. There's a rash of plumbing ills going around. I wonder if Cindra started it?

    As to the blog cleaning -- I just did much the same. I sure am glad I post here frequently. I would miss you if you stayed away.

  3. Yes, I think we can blame Cindra.

    I have way too many projects too. I think I need an assistant.

  4. Holy smokes, you've got a lot of work planned for yourself. Good luck with all of it. :)

  5. I'm hoping for a lack of plumbing problems--I've been reading too much stuff like that lately.

  6. The sewer line protection program? Is that anything like that identity protection program? Has your sewer line been an informant in some high profile murder case or something? Myabe all that shredded paper found it way into your infamous sewer line.

  7. Hey! I'll not take the blame for all of the crap problems in the world. I do think my mojo rubbed off on golden though, maybe a bit through association. Sorry. You'll have to find another scapepoopygoat, Mr. Fab!

    Sounds like a wonderful many good things you'll be up to! One foot in front of the other. I'm exhausted already too. Let's start a 2007 survival support group.

  8. just to say; i havnt updated in quite a while :( i'll tell you when i do, ok? ;)

    flooding sucks; hope everythings okhun, take care x

  9. Anita: Everyone is ok. The flooding was just confined to the basement washroom. I will do my best to enjoy everything I do, instead of plowing my way through. And family really isn’t last on the list, which is why I didn’t blog as much as I intended over the holidays.

    Quilly: I’m glad you are here frequently, too. I love reading your stories at your site and your comments here.

    Mr. Fab: No, do blame Cindra. She can’t help it if she’s a leader type; D Can I get an assistant, too? Wait, I’d rather have a housekeeper.

    Libragirl: It’s good when things workout like that. I’m intrigued about what you’ve done. I must be sure to check today.

    Brooke: Thanks. It does sound like a lot, but if I spread it out….?

    Serra: It does seem like an epidemic.

    Swampy: We have given it a new name and relocated it so it can live free.

    Cindra: There is a school of thought in the New Age world that says our situations in life reflect our inner life, kind of like dreams. What do you think this says about us? Are we going to bring forth all of our blocked shit and have a more free flowing emotional life?

    CECCG: Well, I understand. You’ve been kissing boys. That’s much more important.

  10. better busy than idling your day away on the computer (I think!)

  11. I am worn out just reading this. Maybe I should send you extra bags of coffee to keep you going...

  12. People need to stop flushing gators down the toilet.

  13. You can get it all done, GN, if you're clever about combining a few of those things -- like, inviting Mo'a over to fix your plumbing?

  14. Sometimes starting with a new year is more daunting than refreshing! I completely understand.

  15. Bazza: Yes, I need to circulate in the world, too.

    HCG: I gave up diet soda in November (too much sodium) and began drinking brewed coffee each morning. That is working well. I may need to drink more.

    Grunty: We released them back into the wilds (of suburbia.)

    Al: Does Mo’s fix toilets, too? She’s amazing!

    Mary: Yes, I have a tendency to overload. Happy New Year. I need to go see if you ran away and got married like you were talking about.

  16. Take it easy. At this rate you won't make it through 2007. Take deep breaths. Sit down. Take more deep breaths. Now didn't that help.

  17. Cindra has a barter program? Huh, I need to investigate the offerings.

    Warning: a plumber once told us to never use Charmin since it's prone to clog sewer lines. Just a word of caution.

  18. Wow! You have got a full plate lined lined up. Looks like several changes are in store for the New Year!

    Nice that hubby had you on the sewer line program. :)

  19. That Al :) Well I have been known to use the plunger a time or two LOL
    I am better at chatting over a cup of let's get together soon. Somewhere between here and WB :)

  20. Egan is right! Our plumber just told us in a word - Scotts (not as soft but easier on the plumbing). Good luck on that.

    Well you're an inspiration. I did some shredding but the organizing is behind. I need time! And no I'm not giving up blogging, maybe cut back a bit...I can any time I'd like you know.

    Good luck on all your endeavors! Ooh you and Mo'a are getting together. One of these days when I visit my mom who lives not too far from Mo'a, maybe we can all sit over a cup of coffee?!

  21. Good luck with all your projects ya going to be one busy lady!

  22. Nessa, sounds like you'll stay busy in 2007. And I can tell from what I read in your blog - that you'll find the discipline to get done what you want to. That discipline is what I lack...have good plans, usually, but anything can divert my attention!

  23. Stopped up plumbing ... three bags of shredded documents ... you didn't do what I'm thinking you did, did you? :)

  24. We may have a septic tank issue looming on the horizon so I am reading those plumbing posts with trepidation.

    Sounds like you have your year planned out. Don't forget you might want to sleep in there a little too.

  25. I've had various drain-stoppage issues, and a willing although not always happy maintenance man provided by my leasing company to fix it. Joy!

  26. This is why I do my own plumbing.

  27. Wow, I'm jealous of all that tidying and sorting Nessa, if you get a free moment, come on over and do something with MY office.

  28. Don't wish your life away!

    You have discipline. That's clear.

  29. Wow! And I thought I was busy! Where do you get the energy???

  30. Golden-since my first comment, I have reflected, and do agree that our spewing forth of the shit must be metaphorical for my emotional, okay, I happily embrace my role as PoopGirl!

  31. Dr. John: I am taking deep breaths, too. In between everything else.

    Egan: We don’t use Charmin; it’s too smeary (ewww.) The plumber told my husband it was “mice.” The plumber’s word, which is another ewwww.

    Pamela: Yes, my hubby is into preparedness.

    Mo’a: I am looking forward to meeting you.

    G: It would be great to meet you, too.

    Tina: My daughter is older now with a life of her own, so I have more time.

    Jackie: I only have discipline when I really want something, otherwise, forget it.

    Dan: Shhh, don’t tell on me.

    Logo: We’ve had all kinds of water related problems since we bought this house. Just to keep us on our toes.

    Mal: (Have you seen Firefly or Serenity?) It’s always good when someone else takes care of it.

    Diesel: My husband took care of our last blockage issue. He dug out the whole pipe the day after a party we had that flooded the basement, which is why he signed up for the program. It was much better supervising someone else.

    TLP: I spent too many years wishing. Time for some doing.

    DCMM: Happy Birthday. I’ve been storing energy like a squirrel.

    Cindra: We can call you PG.