Monday, February 13, 2006

Time Flys!

Wow, I didn't realize how much time has gone by (over two weeks.) I apologize for disappearing, but I had some internal things to do.

I had an epiphany two weeks ago and I've been digesting it. It has to do with hypervigilance, which I have and which I think is a disease in and of itself and I think maybe some people use drugs/alcohol/food/sex/gambling/etc as a way to block the need to be on guard all of the time. It's an idea I am developing and sorting through to see if it's valid and so far it seems to be standing up to my scrutiny. I feel a greater sense of freedom since I blundered across this idea. I'll get back to you on this when I have it fleshed out.

I read Jane Eyre and The DaVinci Code. Jane Eyre was not as good as I remembered from when I was 12.

The DaVinci Code was fun. I can't figure out why everyone is so upset. People really need to chill, if this book causes them such angst. If you're looking for a light, entertaining read, this is a good one. I figured out most of the clues and codes and the plot line was easy. Just don't take it too seriously, as most of his facts are based erroneous information, forged documents, incomplete data and wishful thinking (despite what he claims at the beginning of the book.)

I saw Brokeback Mountain the night of the Super Bowl with my mom. I wish I had seen the Super Bowl. I thought the movie was boring, which upset my mom. She wanted to know why I became so insensitive all of a sudden. As I told her, the ideas in the movie: unrequited love, lost opportunities, secrets, people in love not being able to openly express that love, deceit, etc. are all excellent thoughts, it's just that the movie fell short and didn't do any of the ideas justice. I thought Heath Ledger's accent was dumb and phony and he looked like he had cotton in his mouth. The only character I cared remotely about was HL's wife and that wasn't too much. I know my opinion is not the popular one. I understand even Howard Stern liked it. I didn't.

Now, I have to catch up on everyone here. Jay, this is me saying hi from the dead. If I was better at remembering names I'd mention the guy who took a trip to Hades and back (was it Hercules? Permethyous?) or Dante's Inferno. Jenn, I missed you too. It's so funny you call me Nessa. That's what I was called as a child. I always liked it. Can't wait to see what everyone has written. And I see I've been tagged. I'll have to check out what that's all about. Anyway, I'm happy to be back.


  1. Hey, hey, hey! Am so glad you're back. And can't wait for your post on your new idea about hypervigilance.

    I think it was Hercules. He went to Hades to rescue someone's wife. I don't remember who at the moment.

  2. Welcome back!
    Da Vince Code, the movie should be out soon and I am eagerly waiting to see how Tom Hanks has fared in this one.
    Do come back with more on the epiphany.

  3. I'm glad you are back! I won't be seeing brokeback mountain. I've heard more comments like yours than the other way around.