Thursday, February 16, 2006


I have been particularly silly over the last couple of days and inspired to write some rhyming verse that I thought I would share with one and all.

If you don’t know about Jay you must be dead or in a coma. Funny and talented, Jay did a VD card for his honey (check it out), which brought forth the following from me:

Hearts are red
Livers are blue
Organs are tasty
And easy to chew.

jax has been quoting from some classic writers that I have not read (Henry Miller and C.S. Lewis) highlighting my sorry literary education. I have been making a list and plan to upset my hubby by buying more books. jax wanted to write some love poetry to someone (?) but didn’t know how, so his friend Shrutz helped him out by providing a course called 1.2.3...A Fraud Guide to Instant Poetry. I took the course and graduated with flying colors:

An arm in a splint,
Breath needs a mint.
My heart feels like flint,
Sign me up for a whiteroom stint.
Why the bleak emotional tint?
Let me give you a hint:
I lost my belly button lint.


  1. Haha, ever thought of publishing? I only write poetry when suitably drunk. Last year I took a unit on poetry which was so highly challenging (all these budding poets speaking in a language I didn't understand or identify with) that I wanted to drop out after the first class. My lecturer talked me out of it. Am glad.

    Have a glass of red, and write. It may not rhyme, but is sure to be interesting. Blood and guts interesting.

  2. Haha..You're getting better at the poetry Vanessa!:)

    I love spoof rhymes. You know like this prequel to the original -

    "Mary had a little sheep,
    and with the sheep she went to sleep,
    The sheep turned out to be a ram,
    Mary had a little lamb" :D

    And yes, Jay rules!

  3. Awwwww you guys -blushes fetchingly-

    I'm SO glad you believe in rhyming poetry. Personally I can't STAND them new-fangled 'free verse' stuff. Lazy lazy lazy!

  4. jenn: I wrote angst filled poetry as a teenager (didn't we all.) The lint ditty was penned while I sipped a robust little merlot. Usually I can't write when I've been drinking (can't do much of anything once I've begun drinking.) Alcohol makes me sleepy. Does that mean I can't be a writer?

    jax: I never heard that poem. I love it.

    jay: My favorite rhyming poetry are lymericks.

  5. There once was a boy named Jay
    He always had something to say
    His heart remained pure
    Of that we are sure
    Even with messy pooh in the way.

  6. Jay, it ain't no crime
    if it do not rhyme...

    Nessa, what do you mean? You're already a writer, no?

  7. Thanks, Jenn.

    Yes, I am a writer.