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Featured Author - Enheduanna


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Enheduanna written in Sumerian cuneform

Enheduanna (23rd century B.C.E.) was the first named author in history. She was the Akkadian and Sumerian high priestess of the moon god Nanna (Sin) and daughter of Sargon of Akkad.

Enheduanna is named as the author of seven Sumerian temple hymns and several hymns dedicated to Innana and Nanna.

Enheduanna's writings are inscribed on to clay in cuneiform 
(Credit: The Yale Babylonian Collection/ Photo by Klaus Wagensonner)

Inana and Ebih

"1-6. Goddess of the fearsome divine powers, clad in terror, 

riding on the great divine powers, Inana

made perfect by the holy a-an-kar weapon, drenched in blood, 

rushing around in great battles, with shield resting on the ground (?), 

covered in storm and flood, great lady Inana

knowing well how to plan conflicts, you destroy mighty lands 

with arrow and strength and overpower lands."

Go HERE to read all 184 lines.

Enheduanna is pictured on this disc. She's in fancy-dress red.

A scene of sacrifice is carved on to one side of this calcite disc;
an inscription of Enheduanna appears on the other 
(Credit: The Penn Museum)