Wednesday, October 04, 2023

"Changes" - Self Portrait

"Changes" - Self Portrait - Vanessa Victoria Kilmer 20231003
Metallic Acrylic Pouring Paint on Strathmore Mixed Media Paper 184#
9" x 12", done without cleaning the brush or letting it dry between colors

  In his art class this semester, 
my grandson was studying the portraits done by 
the man who painted the official portrait of 

His signature style involves the use of repetitive patterns
 in the backgrounds of his portraits.

Whenever my grandson has an art piece to do, 
we do the assignment together. 
It's rather challenging for him because he is colorblind 
and that frustrates him immensely.
So part of what I try to show him 
is adjusting for these things.

I have dyslexia and dysnomia,
only discovered when I was in my thirties.
I learned my own ways to compensate for both
from the moment I became interested in books at the age of two,

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  1. Nice! Your grandson is smart to study the drawings by Wiley. That portrait of Obama is exceptional