Thursday, June 15, 2023

The Bastard's Battle - I've Done It Twice Now


The Shadow Sword Trilogy - Book 2

It's officially official. I wrote and 
published a second book.

It's available on Amazon in 
paperback and ebook formats.

While Kingdoms in medieval Europe jockey for supremacy via war and marriage, 
Eryk struggles to live up to his family's expectations. 
Born a bastard, he feels like a pretender to his newly acquired title. 
He strives to fulfill his duties to keep the ones he loves safe and secure.

When Nicolette, his childhood friend and secret sweetheart, 
shows up after years of silence, asking for aid to hide a child, 
he agrees to help. 

But can he keep how he feels about her a secret 
since he believes he's not good enough for her?

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