Friday, April 14, 2023

Friday Five - How You Doin'?


1.   I wrote ten chapters this week, two a day, for a total of  12,500 words. 
I have about ten chapters left, so the first draft of 
The Bastard's Battle should be done by next weekend.

I worked out four days this week. 
Monday and Wednesday were cardio days. 
Tuesday and Thursday were weight days with our trainer at the local YMCA.  

Sore shoulders and cramping feet, but yeah, this is good for me. 
Valerian root helped with the muscle soreness, and 
a tennis ball massaged my feet. 

Build that body strong, baby.

2.   This will be a beanie.

I've been making stuff for St. Jude's Hospital Fund Raiser in April
Crocheted items. I love to crochet but not knit. 
Check out my Facebook page for pictures of a basket, tote, and heart garland. 
I will raffle off all of the items I make to people who donate to St. Jude's at my link.

3.   I now have these cool labels I can put on my handmade items.

4.   Wednesday, my grandson and I had lunch on 
the Jacksonville River Walk along the St. John's River. 
We saw ships.

5.   I'm rereading Stephen King's On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft.
I read it when it first came out in 2000. 
That was twenty-three years ago.
Holy Moly.

I'll let you know how it held up.
You can read previous book reviews over at 

Oh, and I'm tired.

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