Friday, January 06, 2023

Friday Five - Things I Learned from Painting Rabbit, Rabbit 20230101

Here are 5 important things I learned while doing the Rabbit, Rabbit 20230101 - Hibernating Hares, Not watercolor painting.

1. Lazy and impatient don't pay. I planned on a quick sketch but ended up working on it for five days and got really lost in the process in a good way. 
~ click images to make bigger ~

2. Use a watercolor pencil for the underdrawing. Much more versatile and has fewer harsh lines to deal with.

3. Tape down that paper to prevent buckling, especially since I love to use so much water.

4. I didn't like the white that came with the paint set I used, so I added a bright white acrylic and couldn't mix or paint over it with additional watercolor. 

5. It's light to dark. Remember that. I love the burst of color but once you put it down, it's more difficult to remove, although it can be done.

Slide video of the process for this painting.

I look forward to learning and painting more watercolors.


  1. Thank you for this.

  2. I really love this. I always say I'm not really a writer, I'm a frustrated musician and artist. I don't have the talent for music and I don't have the patience for art, so I write the things I imagine.