Friday, July 01, 2022



"SHATTERED" Rabbit, Rabbit 20220701 ~ from my cubist period (this morning.)

I didn't do a June newsletter. It was July before I even realized it.

To be fair to me, June was quite busy. I still haven't figured out how retirement works. Twenty hours a week kind of messes with my head. I'll update the more personal stuff in July's newsletter. Sign up for Nessa's News HERE if enquiring minds want to know.

Let's try a TO DO LIST for July and laugh when I don't get any of it done.

Write 250 new words a day. Any words, as long as it’s not the same one 250 times.

Walk 30 minutes every morning. I’m going to aim for 7:30 since it’s so fucking hot later. Hell ain’t got nothing on NJ summers.

The Tree of Life embroidery project. It’s been a while. I’d like to do something on it each day.

Blog Post #1 - Rabbit, Rabbit each 1st. I had to add this so I can claim at least one accomplishment this month.

Blog Post #2 - Authors I Know. On or about the 15th. Introductions and reviews of actual writers I know.

Blog Post #3 - Writing update. 

Blog Post #4 - Book World Information, like science, history, and everyday life.

The Bastards’ Battle. Outline, scene list, synopsis. Something for gosh sakes.

Read. Something. I have so many books sitting on my kindle that are lonely.

Artist’s Date. Once a week. This weekend, I will gather my pencils and colored pencils in one place. Yes, I’m starting very small. Baby steps, baby.

* BONUS ITEM: One short story a month.

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  1. I remember reading this when you first posted it but I don't remember seeing all those crazy goals. How are those coming along?