Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Author Attention - Michael R. Stern


Michael R. Stern is funny and smart and tells a good story. Well, actually, he's got nine stories he's told so far.

Reflections on a Generous Generation, published in 2012, is the story of Michael's father, Murray Stern, and is both memoir and history.

The Quantum Touch series is six books, all with Storm in the title. You can read my review of StormPortal over at Nessa's Book Shelf. Personal drama, world history, and time travel come together in a perfect storm (see what I did there?)

And just to prove his versatility, Sarah and the Dragons, is a fantasy fairy tale about being different.

You can find all of Michael's books on his Amazon Author Page.


  1. Thank you so much, Vanessa. A nice surprise having just arrived home from work.

  2. Such a talented writer and storyteller! And a great guy to boot! Vanessa is not too shabby herself! Love my writer's "village"!