Sunday, November 07, 2021

Favorite Childhood Feel-Good Foods


I associate specific foods with certain people. All of my comfort foods come matrilineally. 

My Uroma (we’re Austrian on my mother’s side) lived in a communal farmhouse called Kaserermühl along the Mühlbach (mühl means mill.) She was born in 1891. When I stayed with her, she had the baker deliver Salzstangerl for me for breakfast. Uroma made the best broths, clear and rich with flavor.

My Oma and I went to the butcher often because back then you bought your food fresh for the day’s meals. He always had Leberkäse, still warm from the oven between two slices of fresh bread, ready for me for our visits. On really special occasions, we went to the Konditorei in Hallein for a Heiße Liebe (Hot Love), warm raspberry sauce over vanilla ice cream.

My mother bequeathed me Zúckerbrot, bread, butter, and sugar, a combination that is better than any drug to calm and soothe. She gave us Schmandi, eggs, milk, and a little flour cooked in butter and topped with sugar. I have yet to find it on the internets. The closest I have gotten so far is the Kaiserschmarrn, but that’s way more work than our humble fare.

I’ve given my daughter Sick Peoples’ Soup, basically a chicken broth egg drop soup with cream of wheat that I made her the many times she wasn’t feeling well. 

My grandson requests a plain toasted bagel topped with whipped cream cheese and cut into 6ths. According to him, this is perfection.

What do you consider the perfect feel-good food?


  1. My mother used to make us egg-drop soup when we were sick. My feel good foods are macaroni and cheese and olive oil chicken with rice.

  2. Memories are better than actual food. I had to look up all of these foods. They look very good. I'm from the Southeastern United States so you know we have some unusual and common foods. Tomorrow morning. I am cooking fresh spinach for breakfast. When it is cooked, I'll crack several eggs on them and scramble the eggs in the spinach. My big food memory is cornbread and buttermilk.

  3. My comfort food is creamed tomato soup.