Sunday, March 22, 2020

I'm More Bored Than You

Your boredom doesn't begin to compare to mine. I've been collecting used dryer sheets and lint for quite some time now, saving it for the perfect project.

I've decided that embroidery stitch sampler panels using thread I've had forever tacking down lint on layers of worn out polyester panels will be the perfect metaphor for this time in our history.

It's pointless, useless, and absurd. It's even odd and kind of on the deranged side.

Might even be certifiable. But I'm already locked up, like some embarrassing family secret, so to hell with you. 


  1. uh, yeah, you may be more bored than I am. Of course, I might just be soooo much lazier than you.

  2. Bored of boring because boring bores me bonkers!

  3. You are far more cleverer than I am with your boredom. When I'm bored and out of imagination, I just sit there watching dumb YouTube videos while my brain dribbles out my ear.