Sunday, August 02, 2015


On July 9, 2015, I said I wanted to do an art project a month. July's project was a collage - paper and glue.

I knew I wanted to use the Sycamore bark I had collected (we've lots of the trees on our street.) I thought I wanted to use drink cans, but changed my mind after I began cutting them up. I found a metal screen the lawn company threw out and that became my canvas.

Crypsis is the term for a being's ability to blend into its surrounding.

Final components: glue, metal screen, paper butterflies and dragonflies, glass stones, Sycamore bark, glass beads, a dried flower, a dries leaf and a chunk of wood.

Here's the finished product:

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  1. I have often thought about doing something like this, probably wouldn't be half as good, but never have got round to it. I like this.

  2. I like the combination of items. When I walk by sycamore bark on the ground, I always think it looks too pretty and useful to leave lying. You obviously found a good use.

  3. Interesting, a good use for the bark and the wire net.

  4. Interesting. I never would have thought of doing a collage like this. I tend to think more in terms of pictures or paintings. Very cool.