Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ten Teasers from Divine Death

Ten Teasers from Chapter One of my fantasy novel, Divine Death.

1. Aoife felt the walls of her hut closing in on her. She wanted to get out and move around in the woods.

2. "I have a sword." Aoife yelled over all of the noise. She knocked the hilt on the door jam for effect. One and Two jumped at the door, their nails leaving grooves in the wood.

"So do I." The stranger pounded on his side of the door with his sword. "Open up and we can compare. I bet mine is bigger than yours."

3. The black flapping beast that entered her cabin shed its skin to reveal a huge, blonde, mustached man.

4. "That’s One and Two. They’re wolf cubs. Very deadly, as you can see."

"Clever names. How long did you have to think before coming up with them?"

5. "They call me many things." He grinned, showing even, white teeth. "My name is Chlodovech." Chlodovech’s stomach rumbled.

6. The firelight reflected red dancing flames in his blue eyes.

7. "While you are still wet, you should go out and get more."

8. He got up, took the heavy wool garment, placed it over his head and shoulders and started to the door. One and Two rose to joined him.

9. "The storm looks to be passed us now," said Aoife. She pointed in the direction the clouds fled. "You can move on to your destination once you’ve eaten." She could hear the eagerness in her own voice.

10.  He put the pot lid aside and ladled porridge into the dishes. He handed one to Aoife and gestured for her to sit. "Later we can discuss indebtedness."

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  1. ha. i like the humor in that second one...and seven...out of context...ha....cool...look forward to reading the rest of it...