Monday, March 17, 2014

Kwickie Kontest #001 - Music from the Last Century

~ click image to make biggerer "steal my sunshine" (c) vanessa v kilmer ~

No Googling for the answer. We use the honor system here, folks. It is ok to ask an old fogie for help since we know they can’t use the internet.

Rules to play & win:

1. Like my Vanessa V. Kilmer - Official facebook page.

2. Do not Google the answer.

3. Be the first to post the answer as a comment on the post on my Vanessa V. Kilmer - Official facebook page.

4. Win a Vampire Butterfly Magnet.

“These are the strongest magnets I’ve ever had!” - Snoogs

5. Email me your mailing address at vanessavkilmer at gmail dot com.

Kwickie Kontest Kwestion - Music from the Last Century:

What is the title of the song with the following lyrics?

“Well, does he like butter tarts?”


  1. ha. i will probably kick myself when you unveil but...i dunno....

  2. Oh bother, I have no idea! Since I'm being honest and not googling, Ask-ing, or Yahoo-ing, I have no hope! Sob!

    1. Also, I am an old fogey, but asking me is no use since I don't know anyway!

    2. I'd never get the answer without the google.I'm horrible at remembering names.

  3. No idea. But I don't mix my FB world and my blog world anyway. I'll come back, though, to see the answer.

    1. It's always best to keep worlds separated. No telling what would happen if you ran into yourself. Oh, wait, that's a time travel rule. :)