Friday, February 10, 2012

Flash 55 - Say Wha?

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i bet you had no idea i drank myself into a fish bowl filled with oxblood marbles and knucklebones that overflowed onto the stiff and prickly artificial turf covering the floor of my heart from wall to wall so the sound of steel-toed work boots muffled your screams of ecstasy when my fingers fiddled you
Write a story in exactly 55 words.

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  1. lots of interesting texture in this one...but thanks for the glimpse what goes on behind the eyes that fiddle with

  2. Now that was different. I like it.

  3. A love poem? Of sorts. Certainly I love it.

  4. Filled with word paintings and sound. Amazing what you accomplish on such a tiny canvas.

  5. Was Southern Comfort involved?
    Vanessa Kilmer...TWO WEEKS in a row!
    I'm very flattered and honoured!
    Not only that, I LOVE everything you do...
    I think that this had a nuance of Kink, but you know me...:P
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  6. The 'wild monkey sex' line in G-Man's 55 has a lot to answer for...

  7. This brought an uncomfortable vision of fish fingers to my mind...LOL

  8. Is it just me, or is this one a wee bit obscene? :-)

  9. quite wet and remarkable 55 ...

    glad to see you today.

  10. Hmmmm...
    I've been known to drink myself into a fishbowl or two in my day!

    Very interesting on many levels. I adore your writing style, you know.

  11. What a world we live in! If it's not Wild Monkey Sex it's Wild Sex in a Goldfish Bowl. I give you 55 12 out of 10!