Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Patriotic Bag

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"star spangled banner" vanessa v kilmer (c) 20110927
[paint & picasa 3]

Patriotic Bag

                                                             fire engine rucksack 
                                                             proudly hailed on her back
                                                             with true blue genes
                                                             lily white sports socks
                                                             broad stripes & bright
                                                             stars tote bag
                                                             in the crook of each arm
                                                             eyes blinkered
                                                             by book pages
                                                             as she gallantly streams
                                                             down the gutter in the road
                                                             oh say can you see
                                                             the gleaming American

Merry Meet & Blessed Be


  1. nice bit of social commentary in that short verse...and nice pic...

  2. Nice piece and how true the Sweeney quote, in spite of all our faults.

  3. Into the gutter? Lowest common denominator. Makes for an interesting image in my mind.