Thursday, June 26, 2008

Drunken Sailor

Delaware River, Philadelphia, PA 07-07-07
Copyright 2007 Vanessa V. Kilmer

I wrote the following rhyme in response to a rhyme written by David McMahon. He has a little feature he calls "Verse and Worse" where it has become commonplace to comment in rhyme. He also has lots of hints and suggestions on photography, writing and looking at the world in new ways.

I went and took
a nice long look
and what did I see
when I glanced at the sea?
In a sinking boat,
barely afloat,
a scurvy sailor
who was more of a bailer.


  1. I like the words. Very cute! :)

  2. Shall we comment in rhyme?
    Perhaps some other time...

    Like your sailor verse though.

  3. A scurvy sailor???

    That gave me a nasty visual.

  4. Fun verse! I enjoyed the photo very much, and it made me wonder (yet again!) how boats would manage without old tyres to use as fenders!

  5. Wow, that was so nice. i like the flow ;0)

  6. But surely
    however poorly
    you looked and saw
    there was more?

  7. OMG...that was done on the three 7s!!!! Noooooo. Oh wait, it's the three 6s that is the problem. Never mind.

  8. I saw that after the original posting at David's place.

    I also crafted a nifty little poem in response to one of his nightly "Verse and Worse" offerings. I posted it on my poetry blog.

    How The Platypus Came to Be

  9. I like to dabble in poetry, but my problem is that I don't follow the rules, so many syllables, words, rhyme sequence, etc.

    Good rhyme, though. You have THE gift.

  10. excellent post, great photo and rhyme.

  11. On this lazy
    I'm so sleepy
    Like to swoon
    What? You say
    It's only noon?
    Wake up
    Til you see the moon.

    Okay, that doesn't actually make much sense - I like G's cute rhyme.

  12. Debs: I had fun.

    G: Rhyme is fine, any time.

    Nan: Pustules; D

    Dragonstar: Good thing someone invented them.

    Iriz: Like water…

    Jenn: When I did look
    I was more than shook
    For I did spy
    Under the sky
    A lovely sight
    That gave me delight.

    VE: You are evil. Evil, I say.

    Quilly: So, you’re saying I smushed bits? (I like your poem.)

    Shari: There are so many kinds of poetry, rules are no big deal.

    Daniel: Thanks.

    Tsduff: Makes sense to me. I’m going for a nap, perchance to dream.

  13. Nan: We're in the same business. Where's your website?

  14. Well done, Nessa. May he bail quickly!