Saturday, March 01, 2008

Rabbit, Rabbit and Astrology Monthly

OK, the Rabid Rabbit is not moving and I'm getting annoyed, so we'll move on for now, after saying Rabbit, Rabbit. As you can see, it's working now. Annoying, isn't it?

Astrology Monthly March 2008 - Wisdom from the Stars, channeled through the me.

The theme for March is Money, Money, Money and may it multiply like Rabbits, Rabbits.

Aquarius January 21 to February 19 – Appearances are not everything, especially when cash is a bit tight the way it is this month for you. Your presence alone is enough to impress, you don’t need to buy your status and respect. No really, I’m not kidding.

Pisces February 20 to March 20 – Just because people buy you expensive things doesn’t mean they really love you, so it is ok to sell the “gifts” you receive for some extra partying cash. Go have fun with your newly found solvency.

Aries March 21 to April 20 – As always, you have more than enough money for your needs which admittedly are few. Take some of that extra cash and throw a bash. You don’t have to talk to anyone; you can just watch. It’ll be fun.

Taurus April 21 to May 21 – Stop trying to budget for your friends. There is no one right way to spend money. Just don’t loan any of your hard earned cash to the one who buys frills instead of paying his bills.

Gemini May 22 to June 21 – Flip a coin. If it’s heads buy the big screen TV, if it’s tails go on a cruise. Oh, the heck with it, do both. You’re getting a windfall this month.

Cancer June 22 to July 22 – You do not need another set of sheets or a set of dishes just for Tuesdays. Save some of your money this month. Your nest egg is going to fall out of the tree and crack, so you’ll need that emergency cash.

Leo July 23 to August 23 – While you certainly should be paid just for being good looking, you may have to wait a bit before that happens. In the meantime, you need to work just like the rest of us lesser mortals.

Virgo August 24 to September 23 – Money still keeps coming your way for no apparent reason this month. You can spend some of it on good times with your many friends, but only after you’ve paid your credit cards from the last time you partied.

Libra September 24 to October 23 – Money…it’s the green stuff used to purchase all the lovely music, art and books you love so well. True, it’s beneath your notice most of the time, but every once in awhile it couldn’t hurt to know how much you have, you know, for more baubles.

Scorpio October 24 to November 22 – There is no need to punish yourself every time you spend a few dollars on yourself. You work hard. You have plenty of dough. You deserve something nice. Quit spending on your kids, they’ve got plenty already.

Sagittarius November 23 to December 23 – You, on the other hand, need to quit spending on yourself this month, especially when it comes to party hats and noise makers. Try having some fun without wearing a costume.

Capricorn December 24 to January 20 – You have gotten so much better at budgeting your money, that’s why you didn’t bounce any checks last month. Do throw caution to the March winds and destroy all of your good work. You’ll be happy you maintained control when April comes around.


  1. I am declaring it the Month of Mars, but haven't get done that post on my blog. In a day or two.

  2. lol..I thought I'd be getting good news this month!

  3. How come that one that seems to apply to me isn't under my sign?

  4. Nice post. Seems a good month for me.

  5. DMarks: Mars is good for grabbing some money.

    Katie: I'm sorry. Just don't listen to me and all will be good; D

    Icy: Money is nothing you need, but Tom may want a bit.

    Dr. John: Because like all astrological predictions, mine are full of crap;>

    MD: I'm glad it's good for someone.

  6. As a Libra, like you, I WISH I could use that green stuff on baubles. *sigh*

  7. Money's not one of those things that hangs around in our house! Maybe if we put all our horoscopes together and divide by three . . .

  8. Rabbit, rabbit! I'm supposed to save money this month. Not much left after mortgage, bills, etc, but I'll try :)

    Love the rabbit!!!

  9. this is the coolest post. Your rabbit rocks. So, I'm supposed to go ahead and spend and be careful to save? Got it. xoxo

  10. What a crazy rabbit. It says Leo (my sign) should get to work. I can agree with that. I am so ready to dive into the season.

  11. I'm having trouble with animation as well. Which application are you tinkering with?

  12. I'm a Taurus and I don't plan on lending any money out this month.

  13. I am a Sag. Money honey is not a problem to a starving artist. He can always eat his paints.

  14. I don't know what the flashing bunnyrabbit reminds me of more: psychedelic drugs or plain old migraine!!

  15. Dang me, mine is dead on this month!

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