Monday, November 12, 2007

Pity Party Passed

Mercury being retrograde during October and November this year is really doing a number on those around me, which is effecting me and it’s also doing a number on me personally. I haven’t even had the energy or time to check the comments you’ve so kindly been leaving.

Just so you can all have a pity party for me and mine, I will tell you my sweet little puppy hurt his leg last Thursday and I was too sick to take care of him. I had to call my husband home from work (which I never, ever have done) so he could take the Codes to the vet. The Codles had no serious injury; it looks like he slipped on the tile floor and twisted his knee. He and I whined for several days. Make with the little violin thingy, go ahead.

So, I am recovering, as are all of the other people who have been bombarded around me. I am horribly behind now on NaNoWriMo, but do not despair, there’s still time to catch up there, too. These past two weeks have been a lesson to me that sometimes I need to go with the flow more instead of trying to bulldoze my way through things.

The weirdness factor is still operating but I think I know what that is about too (extra sleep from sickness sometimes has advantages.)

I’m sorry for neglecting you all, but it could not be helped. I will make the rounds this week and catch up. Here’s to hope.


  1. Sorry to hear that your sick. Eat lots of chicken soup,

  2. What is it with doggies? Huh? I don't get it. You can ask and ask until you're blue in the face, but they will never tell you what happened. In a way, though, we love them more for the way they do communicate something wrong.

    God, I miss mine. Take care of yours. I know you do.

  3. Get better, my posts will still be there when you get to them.

    Hug the puppy and give him a cuddle. I hurt my foot and whine when I walk, too.

  4. Awe sweetie - it's a nice pity party. I'm in :) Take your time, lay low for a bit and heal. Puppy too.

  5. Sorry to hear you are sick. You have a right to pitch a pity party.

  6. Checked in for that very reason -- to find out if you were doing NaNoWriMo this year! Bravo!!! And yes...sleep is a wonder drug whether we like to admit it or not.

  7. Hope springs eternal.

    Hope you, and the doggie, are feeling much better.

  8. Of course the doggie is telling all his other doggie friends how he saved your life and you are recovering and he'll survive even though he's injured from the effort...

  9. Hope both of you are feeling better. As you know, I've neglected my blog visits for a month now due to travel, being sick, and babysitting grandkids.
    Touching base to say hi and to remind you about the House Warming Party for JulieBug and Tig at my place Friday.

  10. Pinatas are great for pity parties.

  11. I am so sorry that you are sick i know how you felt,Hope your on the mend now, As for the puppy i sure hope he is feeling better as well.

  12. Cap'n Grunt will bring the pinata, me gonna bring the mariachi band. Should make fer a good party.


  13. Please don't apologize for being ill. I am still coughing and have been banned from visiting the newest grandchild so as not to spread this flu/virus. Your good news is you were able to catch up on much needed rest :)Sending a hug for a speedy recovery :)(didn't that sound like Mr. Rodgers)for you and the dog and everyone else you shared your virus with!

  14. I have been sick too. I am trying to catch up once more. Not doing a great job of it either.

    Here's to hope too. :)

  15. Sorry you and the pup are sick. Get well thoughts are sent your way.
    They say it's better to let it out than to keep it inside, so whine away.
    Rest and relax and get well quick.

  16. I dont know anything about that cosmic gunk,but I think everyone goes through a hum drum time now and then.
    here the weather is getting close to old man winters chilly blast.and we go into a kind of cave dwellers life style.or hiberhating mood.
    I cubble up in my chair turn on my fake franklin wood stove with the real looking flames and get me a cup of hot chocolate and I am ready to face any thing.
    sorry to hear your little dog got hurt.hope he and you are on the mend.
    thanks for being on my blog.
    I was doing some venting the other day and wish I had just deleted it.but I have said Id always be truthful on my blog.

    God bless and have a great week.

  17. I'm sick too :( I will join your pity party! I want to hit the piñata <3 Hope you feel better.

  18. Your post request is up at my site. Talk about a tough topic! Sheez. It's a good thing I'm insane...

  19. Don't you worry about us, just keep plodding onwards, I'm glad the doggy is OK!

  20. I get days and weeks like this often, especially around this time of year - every year. Then thankfully I snap out of it by Thanksgiving.

    Anyhoo, I haven't stopped by since Dr. John stopped having blog marathons - but am today to remind everyone:

    "Roasting Dr. John Comment-athon".

    It's nearing Dr. John's birthday and this year it falls on Thanksgiving! (November 22nd)

    Last year we Roasted Dr. John and I've been thinking, what would be the perfect Birthday present for him this year?

    COMMENTS!!!! Lots and lots of them! From those he knows, to those he doesn't know. From all over the world and throughout the blogosphere. Let's fill his inbox with Happy Birthdays.

    How to do it: Be creative, he loves creativity. Post a blog on his birthday (Thanksgiving 11/22) dedicated to Dr. John and wishing him a Happy Birthday. Make Dr. John your "link of the day" and encourage your Bloggy Buds to stop by and leave him a comment and a Happy Birthday wish.

    Perhaps, even getting them to join in on the fun! Create your own Pigeon Falls photoshop as you imagine it, a post on trains, design and describe the perfect fortress or dare to post your entire blog in Finnish.

    Leave a linked PS note when you visit other blogs this day to guide peeps over to say Happy Birthday to a super fantastic guy.

    Use your imagination and have fun with it. See 'ya next week!

  21. Just checking in to say hi, Nessa, and I hope the weirdness factor is going away some... :)