Sunday, September 23, 2007

Crazy Eights

I won this lovely gift from Dr. John because while I rarely have anything witty to say, I comment anyway. Notice the butterflies? Do you see how speaking up can be profitable?

A while back, Jadzia tagged me with the eight things list, so here, finally, are eight more slightly odd things about me.

Crazy Eights

1. I can’t count paper money unless all of the bills are facing the same way and all of the corners are flat.

2. I must pick up every coin I see on the ground and say, “Thank you.”

3. I count to distract my mind. I count to help me fall asleep or when I have nothing to read or if I’m having obsessive thoughts.

4. I sigh. A lot. Loudly.

5. I wear my wedding ring on my right hand. It likes living there.

6. I like Bombay Sapphire Gin with Vintage Tonic and Lime (expensive gin and cheap tonic.) Yum.

7. I like Vanilla not Chocolate (please don’t die from heart failure.)

8. I like eating several appetizers for dinner.

I have six, yes, count them, six other blogs. If you get bored, check them out there to the right. I note the date of the last entry so you can always be up-to-date on the important stuff.

There will be another blog starting in October. It will be a Book Reading Group blog. Look for it soon. That will make a total of eight blogs. I would promise to stop there, but I’d be lying.

There are still prizes open at the Scavenger Hunt blog. The first game does not end until September 30th.

I have added a new entry to Devine Death – An Ongoing Novel (which hasn’t gone on for over a year.) I am going to try to finish it before the NaNoWriMo 2007 starts on November 1st.

Jackie from Jackie’s Garden has given me the Rockin’ Girl Blogger award. This was so unexpected that I have no acceptance speech prepared. I can’t pick just five people for this award. All of the “girls” on my blogroll are Rockin’ Girl Bloggers. Check them out if you haven’t already. They are all great for various reasons. If you are listed there, consider yourself awarded.


  1. Well done for your prize and your award! 7 blogs, how do you manage lol.

  2. Those look very nice! Are they ceramic?

  3. Kev: By never posting on them, of course; D

    Mistress Wilde: They are fancy guest soaps. Don't get jealous; I still have many of yours because I couldn't bear giving them away. They are mine. All Mine.

  4. How do you manage so many blogs? I have a hard time with one.

  5. Fun, fun, fun! We have a lot in common...I love learning more about you all the day long. xo

  6. The butterflies are so pretty!

    I like your answers on the crazy eights.

    I think I cross stitch because of the same motion and the counting is relaxing to me.

    I sigh a lot and loudly.

    I am not a chocolate fan. I am so glad I am not alone. *LOL*

    Plus I rather eat several "appetizer" for dinner anytime.

    I feel more normal now. Thank you. *LOL* :)

  7. Ubermouth: Since I rarely post on them, it's easy to have many blogs.

    C: Blogging soul mates; D

    Debs: It's good to know we are not so weird after all; D

  8. Whilst having no intention of becoming a 'Rockin girl'...I'd like to say thank you for visiting my Blog. Have quickly readover have a very fluid way of writing (must be the Gin and Cheap tonic!)..

    Best wishes...I'll check out your other blogs eventually!

  9. Congrats on your award--and thanks for giving me mine!! :-)
    See you when i get back.

  10. Love the soaps. I have little moons and stars!

    Also, thanks for calling me a "girl" (with the rocking girl blogger thingey). I'm quickly approaching 49 and always get such a thrill when someone calls me a girl.

  11. Love the name.....LOL! I have been called it before!

    Another non fan of chocolate here! It makes me ill. Allergy which suits me fine, I just do not eat it! Hubby gets any gifts of chocolate, so we are both happy!

  12. Me used to starch and iron all the bills in me paycheck so they would be nice and crispy when me pulled them outta me wallet.

    Me understands yer need to have things in order.

    Seven active blogs, Oy Vey.


  13. Niall: Thank you for visiting here. Your art is amazing. I encourage all to go visit Niall and see. I'll be back.

    Ps: Have loads of fun on your vay-kay.

    Mrsnesbitt: Isn't it good when marriage is a lovely give and take.

    Scary: It's weird because I'm so very messy in so many other ways.

  14. Mizmell: So sorry for the skip. I'll be 49 in 8 days. Shh. Don't tell anyone.

  15. Vanilla???!!!! Wait a minute...isn't that like coloring with the White crayon?

  16. Ve: No. It's like coloring with the yummiest crayon; D

  17. Good going on your prize - it looks lovely..and for the record i love Vanilla too :)

  18. Princess: All of the best people love Vanilla. Vanilla is even in the best chocolate.

  19. I am SO with you on 1, 2, 4, 7 and 8.

    Vanilla, every time.


  20. Gawpy: A shrink told me once that sighing is an excellent way to de-stress, but it makes everyone else nuts.

  21. I do that counting thing too! I even blogged about it once. Sometimes I count backwards.

  22. #5 is the only one that's not me. Scary.
    (I only have one blog...count

  23. I am in awe of your discipline and energy - 8 freakin blogs? You rock Nessa.

  24. So, you iron your money?

    Vanilla and chocolate together? Yes, please.

  25. Wait a second, comments are suppose to be witty?
    Dang it!
    Well, your flutterbys are lovely.
    Interesting 8 things, very interesting. I prefer my money be facing the right way but I'm not picky about it. Sometimes I wad it up together in hopes it will propigate. It doesnt

  26. well done on your pressie, that is lovely. I'm glad you got more things butterflies!

    did I tell you I have a butterfly tattooed on my upper arm? I plan to get three tiny more on my shoulder...

    can never have too many beautiful butterflies out there hey!

  27. I pick up coins too. It makes Willi crazy. So does sighing - but it is such a good tension reliever for me.

  28. I am a counter, too. Especially going down stairs. I count steps. I count to 100 if I have to when I get really upset. By the time I am done counting the kids are gone. LOL. ;) Seriously, they know if Mom's counting, then we'd better be quiet. It doesn't happen very often. That sounds bad, doesn't it?

    I prefer vanilla, too.

  29. Diesel: I have found counting useful for so many situations. When I’m really wound up, backwards counting is a great way to break a cycle.

    Swampy: I’m counting…

    Kat: I’m practicing discipline. I need lots.

    Actonbell: If witty was a requirement, I’d be in serious do-do.

    Quilly: No, just straighten the corners down with my nails.

    Logo: You, Madame, are always witty.

    Betty: I do a temporary “tattoo” on my left wrist of a butterfly. And my name is the Greek Goddess of Butterflies. It’s the cycle of birth, growth and rebirth that I love. Always constant improvement (hopefully.)

    Gawilli: My sighing makes everyone nuts. I should learn to be a bit more quiet about it.

    Shari: There are a lot worse things you could do than count. At least the kids have fair warning; D

  30. I adore vanilla more than chocolate, but I will nibble on an occasional DARK chocolate treat. Wow, gin? Ewwwwwwwwwww. Make mine tequila please. With lots of lime - trying to cut down on my salt but I love that too.
    I don't count much - I'm number-challenged.

  31. Wow. I have a hard enough time keeping up with just one blog. I am impressed.

  32. I can't do one blog right. I couldn't have any more.

    I'm looking forward to the book reading group blog.

  33. So you are funny with money, lots of folks are.

    I love chocolate candy, but I prefer vanilla ice cream. Go figure ;)

  34. Katie: I like fun; D

    Tsduff: I like margarittas (cus of the lime and salt) but I like them with gin.

    Tudor Rose: I’m not sure if you should be impressed.

    Tlp: I’ll be putting up the reading group info very soon. Keep watching.

    Dabich: I do like Mars bars a lot. Love vanilla ice cream, especially soft serve.

  35. G'day Nessa,

    Strangely enough, my eye went straight to the butterflies.

    Does that mean I'm a right-winger!!!!

    Just kidding - but I'd be interested to see what most people noticed first in this image.

  36. That is a busy blog schedule LOL but a lovely gift for those of us to read :0

  37. I just stopped by to say Hi.came from Betty boob hugs blog.

  38. My mouth is watering looking at the top picture, but I don't think those butterflies are edible. I need food.

  39. David: I think the butterfly is eye catching.

    Pauline: Thank you.

    Leann: Hi. I hope you come back. I liked your geese.

    Egan: We can pretend it's candy or cheese.

  40. too funny. i was reading your blog and sighed...about a second before i read that you sigh out loud a lot. i think i do too because my offie mate at work commented on it. i think i was annoying her with my sighs!

  41. M: Welcome. People get annoyed at me too.Especially if I'm sighing because they are annoying me; D

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