Thursday, March 22, 2007

Make A Wish Come True

Swampwitch pointed out that Shane Bernier, a very sick seven year old boy, would like millions of birthday cards for his eighth birthday, which is May 30, 2007. Take the time to make his wish come true and then spread the word.

Video One – 3 minutes

Video Two – 1 ½ minutes

Video Three – 1 minute

Mail your cards to:

Shane Bernier
P.O. Box 484
Lancasater, Ontario


  1. I'm not in a quandry about these petitions: I ignore them. Just as I expect the world to ignore me.

    If you take the time to consider it, every single person alive today has a wish. When a panhandler asks me for 'spare change' I sometimes reach in my pocket and share some and I sometimes ignore him. There's no rhyme or reason to how or why I make the particular decision.

    Anyone of us can be manipulated. We all have 'handles' that can be grabbed, turned, flipped, etc. Maybe it's a gender thing... I think men will do something 'nice' like this if they think it's their idea... But if you tell, or suggest, to a guy that he ought to do something, most of us will bridle..

    Hey, but you ever need a birthday card, let me know! But let me think it's my idea....

  2. I'd love this except for 2 things:

    1) The mother seemed to suggest the # of cards, rather than Shane saying that was his wish. He just said he wanted cards, and answered yes to "lots" and "millions".

    2) I'm expecting a baby and don't have time to even get family member cards! I'm so awful. Had it not been for #2, I probably would have done it.

    Thanks for spreading the word though, this boy will most certainly be ecstatic about how ever many cards he gets.

  3. BB: Despite the declarative nature of my statement, it was only an idea. You should only ever give because you feel like it. I'll start schemeing now for my BD card in October.

    Anita: I know what you mean about time and now that you mention it, it does look like the mom may be pushing it a bit. But it may keep him busy when he has nothing else to do in bed.

  4. I thought the boy was shy. This IS the life he knows. Hospitals, treatments... the journey of death before he was able to do a decimal of the joys the average person experienced.

    The truth is what really is important is sharing love and light , throughout the world. Yes, I believe that we can choose to look beyond the mother, ourselves.. and what we have is a little boy , dying. What if he was yours? What wouldn't you do in a good way- if you could ? It the end, it will simply cost me a couple of cents in postage... and the time to make a card.

    The flow and exchange of love and light comes from sharing - freely.

  5. I was sure this was an urban legend, so I looked it up on snopes and guess what? This one is apparently for real: Check it out. So maybe you don't want to feel manipulated, but at least you're being manipulated for the sake of a real sick kid.

    Goldennib (and friends), come play in my caption contest!

  6. This sounds like it will be good for the boy.

  7. Hey Nessa. How sweet of you to post this on your blog. In reading the above comments, my emotion pendulum starting swinging. I liked your response that you should only give if you feel like it. As far as the mom, if my 7 year-old was dying of cancer, I would probably be pushing for anything to make his days a lot brighter. If you watch closely, it's apparent that so much of the video was edited and just 'blips' were shown. We only saw bits and pieces of it. I don't think Shane was in much of a condition to answer all the questions of the reporter. Having been through chemo which caused a near-death experience for me, I would have probably been at a loss for words myself. Regardless of how viewers processed what was shown and said, we make choices and certainly can't respond to every favor that's ask of us. My brother-in-law died of the very same disease at a young age. I was with him 5 days before he died and remember the smile on his face when I brought him his mail that contained a bag of bite-sized Butterfingers. Together, we ate that whole bag of candy, which wasn't on his approved menu. He didn't know who sent him the candy and the person who sent the candy will never know the joy it brought to Kurt, but I will. That's why my card with a little extra is on it's way to Shane. There are many people on my list who haven't received their birthday cards yet, but I won't use that as an excuse to neglect the wish of a little boy, or his mother, or whoever thought of this idea. Once again, thanks again for taking the time to post his story.

  8. hey hun; jus thought i'd drop by to say hi :)

    i have a myspace btw (yes, i got bullied into it ;) )

    talk soon i hope! :)

    Gwen xxx

  9. You should consider posting this wish to the Robin Hood Fund. I bet there are a ton of people on that site that would be interested in helping send a letter.

  10. Wow, perfect timing considering my post about being a terrible penpal/blogpal. I will most certainly send a card and share this with others. Swampy has said so eloquently what popped into my head.

    We do to share love with others and what wouldn't we do for our own children? I am sure that's what this Mom is doing for Shane. My prayers and good thoughts go out to them. Oh and a card, I promise.

  11. Katie: I thought the little boy was very sweet. And this seemed to take so little effort on my part.

    Diesel: I never think of looking there to check things out. Good reminder. I know I'm being manipulated, but it's ok. I decide dispite the manipulation.

    Grunt: I hope it gives him some happiness.

    Swampy: There are alot of people in the world that can use our help and we can't help everyone. Each person needs to choose who to help on their own.

    Everyone has the right to ask for help for their particular needs in their own way. The internet puts these requests in our homes more than ever before. I think we each have to do the best we can with what comes our way.

    CECCG: I'll come find you.

    Robin: Welcome. I'll come check it out.

    G: I'm not such a great penpal either. Most parents would move heaven and hell for their children.

  12. will be posting a card from us in the uk nessa!

  13. I know the little boy will enjoy all his cards!

  14. I'm still not sending a card.


  15. Diesel just saved me the time to do what he already did. Thanks, Deese.

    As it is, today is MY birthday, and I didn't even get a card off to ME. So what does THAT tell ya?

  16. Seriously, for all you negative people out there, how can you even attempt to find any negativity in this child'd wishes. Do you really think its about the cards? NO. this is about changing the world, just imagine, in a world where crime, murder, and pain happens each and every day, members of our global economy are finally together something, fullfilling not only the wish of one child but fulfilling what is pretty much everyones wish - togetherness. SO lets just forget all the negativity in the world, stop critizing Shane's wishes and for once...JUST ONCE see the positive side of our society. If you are low enough to think negativetly about Shane's Birthday wish then so be it, but keep it to yourself, so as to let the rest of us feel some satisfaction and hope in this gray world. Thanks, and all the best Shane, may rains fall soft upon your fields...